Solat Zaidi Is A Racist

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I need to share with America about a racist bigot working at Biofortis in Columbia, MD. Solat Zaidi is a muslim woman who hates black people and tries to get everyone who is not muslim fired from the job. She has a problem with working with men, and that may be because of her islamic beliefs. In fact, she admitted that she intends on hiring zero black and more muslims since she is part of some islamic organization (cult) in Maryland according to her own admission. She says that she does not want her kids to grow up around blacks and that black people are lazy and that if it were not for affirmative action no black people would get professional jobs in the workforce. What?! B*tch, please. She is the laziest person at Biofortis, and comes in to work at 11:00 am and leaves around 3 pm. She doesn’t even bother coming in to work at all sometimes yet she is the cause of so many good people losing their jobs at Biofortis – she is not even qualified for her own job! She hates republicans and conservatives and gays so be careful what you say around her. She pretends to be such a good muslim, but lets see how good she really is if her true racist character is revealed. This fat ass needs to concentrate more on the good of the company and her big ass rather than discriminating against others. Solat, you are an immigrant yourself and black people are Americans, which you will never be! Learn to accept American culture or go back home to whatever disgusting cave you crawled out of – that is what I would say to her if I did not risk being fired from Biofortis. Solat zaidi is a nasty person who makes working for Biofortis dreadful, not just because of her foul stench but from her racism, bigotry, and hateful attitude and back-stabbing evil nature.

Her Squad

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ever since I caught Drd years ago, I’ve noticed more and more people falling for the same trap I got myself caught up in. I could list over a hundred names of people who have contracted drd in Baltimore County alone just by sleeping with the same muthaf*ckas who try to keep that sh*t under wraps. It’s not fun finding out that the 3rd person you’ve ever slept with gives you a virus you can never get rid of, robbing you of the chance to experience true love without secrets. Since my discovery of H**2, my now lying ex continues to sleep with any guy she so chooses without full disclosure of her drd status. From there, those men she’s infected are shedding their virus to many other women. I’ve compiled a list of those people and I feel as though there should be full disclosure some they intend on sleeping around without telling those people about their virus. Will continue this discussion on the comments thread.

Why Can’t Melisa Tennant Understand

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, why can’t Melisa Tennant understand that cookies, twinkles, ding dongs aren’t barbells or resistance bands? This “fitness model wannabe” is closer to obesity than success, in fact, speaking of ding dongs, she is too fat even for porn- her scene was deleted because no one wanted to see her cottage cheese. She does at least get some exercise though, riding every dick in town. It seems the mirror may be too harsh so she prefers the lies of men who use her as a cum dump. From her home town in Baltimore to her college in South Carolina she is well known as a food loving slut with a fetish for truffle butter – It won’t be long before she is on the side of the road holding a sign stating: “will fuck for food” , check for her next time you exit the freeway.

Heather Abate Is A Home Wrecker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirty slut just loves black men. She has been f*cking my husband for months and is not woman enough to answer the phone. Instead of being a whore, she could focus on taking care of her other black child instead of tearing a family apart. He’s all yours boo, and he is f*cking broke and probably won’t be free for much longer. If you only had enough respect to answer the phone, but what can I expect from a dirty whore that sleeps with men who are taken. Have a nice life bitch. If anyone wants to call her, her phone number is 410-935-4330 and her fb page is

I’m not a nostrils guy. Thanks.- nik

Infecting Baltimore County

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This woman.. well girl has been nothing but trouble. As I type this, I can’t even cease from incessantly scratching my nether regions because she failed to diverse me in her evil plot to infect Baltimore. I will admit, it only cost me about $180 to ruin my life forever. Gotta love how dedicated she displays her “love” for her ‘old man’ on Facebook, yet she’ll do anything for some cash for her fix. Somebody stop her before she births her 6th infested child onto this earth. Not like she’ll actually raise it anyway..

Maryland Judge Orders Electric Shock

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, can you believe this crazy racist judge? The defendant was representing himself and the Judge went off. The Judge forced a court security officer to shock a defendant wearing a stun-cuff. All she was sentenced was to probation and ordered to complete an anger management program. Ain’t that some BS?

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