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Click on the picture to see today’s Dirty Celebs Sea Biscuit and Barbaro.  Without a doubt TheDirty.com’s most famous sisters.

Barbaro And Seabiscuit Are Back!


Barbaro and Seabiscuit are back!

Barbaro and Seabiscuit are back!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,Your stable is alive and well, (and love purple crayons!) but it appears your thoroughbreds are aging at different rates! check out the last picture, they look like they are 15 yrs apart in age! So… I have to ask, would you with the younger / healthier steed if it meant winning the triple crown???

I say Sea Biscuit looks better… what do you think?- nik

Round 1 DIRTY March Madness Match Up



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Today Is A Horsey Day


what do you think of these girls

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik. what do you think of these girls.

Yes, these are my horses Sea Biscuit and Barbaro! Why is Barbaro trying to go all Posh Spice on me? Just wanted to say that these girls are anti +2’s, but it looks like they couldn’t talk their friend 7head out of it. Yes, I win!- nik



Sea Biscuit and Barbaro with fans

DIRTY ARMY:  I am looking for video from last Saturday night in front of PCL in oldtown Scottsdale.  I got word from many DIRTY ARMY members that a Police Horse kicked a dude in the head.  I was told a ton of people got it on tape.

Do work.

Scottsdale, we love it!



EMAIL: bleached blonde hair…check.


fake louis vuitton bags…check.

yep, we’re in scottsdale.

I see Sea Biscuit and Barbaro… they must be upset about losing TheDIRTY.com Derby.- nik

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