The Choad King

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guys name is Jamie Victor Breunig, but he calls himself Vinny Vibe, and pretends he is DJ. He normally lives off women and has never been able to hold a job more than a few days. He is still married to a woman from another state but has had two marriage ceremonies anyway, and just pretends to marry these women to make them think he is going to stay with them. His current pretend wife is named Gith and she actually had what they called a ‘Rock and Roll’ wedding, and it even took place at some pool hall, and they had the nerve to invite guests, and have invitations, but guess what Gith, it was totally fake, he has been ‘real’married for over five years to that out of state chick, that he has’t seen in over five years. He thinks he is a ladie’s man, but he has a 3 inch penis known around town as the choad, this poor girl he is pretend married to, has like 3 kids and has to work to support him, while he just sits around farting, and eating her kids food. I was with this fool before, and he took all my money and then left for his current victim, Gith. We were also pretend married. I am a bisexual female, and have a nice collection of strap ons, he would make me wear them, and hit him from behind while I would dress like a man. He also supports himself through drug sales, and small time criminal activity. BEWARE OF THE CHOAD!!!!

Nicole Myers

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Nicole Myers. She thinks she is the hottest chick in town. She has no respect for herself or others. She does whatever she can to put others beneath her when she is lower than dirt. She loves attention so I thought this site was perfect for her! She enjoys going around having unprotected anal sex with married men and spreads her nasty yeast infections to anyone who crosses her path! Her pussy smells like a rotten milk jug. She has no friends and can’t even get a real job unless it’s her mother hiring her. She wears bras that are 4x too big for her because she has no boobs and no sex appeal. Her face is so caked with makeup because she has acne scars everywhere. This bitch is nasty and is looking for a baby daddy with money. Watch out world she is one dirty anal slut.

Fake Life of Sally Garcia

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sally Garcia a.k.a fake ass bitch you can find her on facebook and dating sites, etc…. This bitch is 38 and has never been fuk or touch! She lies up the ass and tells everyone shes married to some guy name Mark but yet noone has ever seen him. Not even her family has seen this man! Her own friends want to fucking beat her ass!Her own family disown her for the shit she starts! She is about 400lbs and says she skinny because she onlys take pictures of face! This picture i found on dating site. She is fuking nasty and is fraud. She steals people identity and tries to be them. Everyone in Dickinson know her because of her moouth. The bitch is so nasty that she smells from a mile away. Beware!!! She fake pretend to be your friend and then pread lies about you! Will try to become you. Put this bitch on blast!!!!! She works at Big boys tires and wheels and will steal your credit card information and identity!!!!

Montana Girls

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I won’t even ask would you because I already know the answer. Here are a few of the montana slews that we have all come to love. This picture pretty much sums up their life in a nutshell. Wasted, smoking cigs, in a trailer park. Guess which one is the stripper?

Your Favorite Montana Rapper

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Your Favorite Montana rapper is more pathetic than ever. Living in welfare apartments with his stripper gf and their kids, asking for rides to wherever on facebook because he has no car, no license, no job…unless you count his music career. He has a following in Helena of fellow losers that have nothing better to do than chauffeur his fat ass around town or let him sleep on their couch when him and his stripper gf decide to break up publicly on facebook weekly. The sad part is that these 2 have kids but dont care about how their fucked up lives affect them. The kids are constantly sick and going to the er but then these idiots are out drinking the very next day. They are constantly posting on facebook about having 3 somes and not being able to find clean girls to have sex with them when dude just lools like he smells. If you want one of his cd’s he can be found at wendys occasionally selling them.

As if chinstraps weren’t douchey enough.- nik

Smelly Fietz

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Caty Fietz. She nasty. Debatably the nastiest. She’s a class ‘A’ homie-hopper, a drama whore, a hypocrite and a straight-up slut. As you can see in the first picture, she is DESPERATE for attention. The caption that went along with the photo was something along the lines of “this is me, if you’re mad or offended, idgaf, delete me.” She started a huge Facebook fight with a 17 year old girl because she thought this girl was talking smack about her. She later found out it wasn’t true and of course she couldnt let herself be made an ass of, so she just went along with it calling this girl immature and a myriad of other names, all on facebook for the world to see. She’s 20. Right? She is constantly complaining about how lonely she is and how secretly jealous she is that all her friends are in relationships yet she spreads her legs for any guy that looks at her twice. She is a raging alcoholic. Trusted sources have informed me that she can’t even afford her house because she spends so much money partying and drinking. Like this is the type of person who gets drunk at 11:00 in the morning. On a tuesday. Her immature behaviour and “lavish” lifestyle wouldn’t be so bad if she were making a decent living. She barely graduated high school and is currently working at McDonalds as a manager making $12.00 an hour. I know, wow. If only I could be making that kind of money and had the privilege of getting drunk every day but instead I have to go to college to get a career to make money to support my future family. As you can tell from the second picture, this is one classy individual. I don’t know about you, but someone who grabs another girl’s crotch while, in turn, has her own crotch grabbed by the same girl is a fine dime piece. I look at that picture and my mind just screams “dating material.” Look how bad-ath she is.In addition, she has a creepy-close relationship with her brother. Like, tattooed-his-face-onto-her-ribs creepy-close. And hey, I have nothing against close-knit families. But they’re a little too close for comfort. They take creepy intimate pictures together, oh and did I mention she has a picture of his face tattooed right next to her boob??? The last two pictures really capture her personality. I like to call them the “*Don’t* look down my shirt,” because well, she’s posting a picture of herself where her cleavage is obviously the focal point, yet when someone makes a comment about her boobs, she gets incredibly offended. While we’re on the subject of her nasty boobs, let’s look at that first picture again and notice how one of boobs is substantially bigger than the other. Ew. On top of all of this, she has disgusting teeth. She tends not to smile with her teeth in most of her pictures, not that I blame her, they’re horrendous. In closing I would just like to say that this girl needs to be taken somewhere and put with her own kind. She’s a terrible human being and I’m sick of her tormenting people because she’s insecure about herself. Plus, she nasty.

She won’t be very good at scamming people eating Mcdicks every day.- nik

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