Brandi Glanville

EXCLUSIVE: Brandi Glanville- I’ve Reached My Breaking Point With LeAnn Rimes

Earlier this week, Brandi Glanville appeared on E’s Daily Pop, and she talked about her thoughts on LeAnn Rimes and her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian. Glanville didn’t hold back, telling the show she thinks Cibrian will leave Rimes in 3 years when they’ve been married for ten… so that he can get 50% of her assets.

Since the appearance, Glanville has been getting a lot of press and people claiming she attacked Rimes. She reached out to us to exclusively give a statement on what’s going on.Continue Reading

EXCLUSIVE: Brandi Glanville Responds To LeAnn Rimes Raising Awareness For Stepmom’s Day

Yesterday, we reported that the paparazzi caught LeAnn Rimes in LAX Airport and talked with her about Stepmom’s Day, which Rimes claimed to be raising awareness for.

Curious how the mother of the children Rimes is the step-Mom for- namely, Brandi Glanville– felt about what Rimes had to say?

We found out…

Glanville told us exclusively that, “Hopefully with all the time that has passed she’s a lot more aware of her place as a stepmother then she used to be.”

“I think all mothers of all kinds Biological step, adoptive, etcetera deserve to be celebrated,” Glanville added.

Recently, in an interview with Refinery 29, Rimes talked more about Stepmom’s Day, telling them that, “I learned about Stepmom’s Day a few years ago, which is the Sunday after Mother’s Day. We celebrate with the kids as we have the last couple of years. We go to dinner and do the whole thing. I love the fact that there is a stepmom’s day and an option [for stepparents to celebrate]. It’s so different for each family. I love that we have a separate day and I think it’s important that people know about it.”

EXCLUSIVE: Brandi Glanville “Shocked And Disappointed” By Alleged Cyberbullying

Earlier today, The Dirty exclusively revealed that LeAnn Rimes may have allegedly paid someone to harass Brandi Glanville online. The same person Rimes allegedly paid also was paid for services by Joanna Krupa.

We reached out exclusively to Glanville to get her response/reaction to the story that has surfaced.

“I’m shocked and disappointed at the lengths some people will go to harass others,” Glanville exclusively shared with us.

“Hiring a convicted felon to conduct online bullying on their behalf is a reflection of the character of his clients,” she added.

We’ll let Glanville’s words speak for themselves and bid you all a good evening.

EXCLUSIVE: Alleged Tweets Harassing Brandi Glanville And Praising LeAnn Rimes Exposed

Earlier today, The Dirty exclusively revealed that LeAnn Rimes may have allegedly paid a man named Brandon King to harass Brandi Glanville online.

We have obtained some of the alleged tweets that King may have issued and, below, explain how the connection is made to King:

  • On a Twitter account @FauxRealityE, which was now been suspended, tweets were issued that were anti-Glanville and pro-Rimes.
  • Interestingly, that Twitter account is believed to have been part of a website that King’s email address was registered to as an administrator [Proof in second image of slider].

While we are not passing judgement/asserting that this confirms anything, it is certainly interesting evidence to examine as pieces of this complex puzzle.

EXCLUSIVE: Eddie Cibrian Slams Claims LeAnn Rimes Paid Man To Harass Brandi Glanville

This morning, The Dirty exclusively revealed testimony showing that LeAnn Rimes allegedly paid a man named Brandon King to harass Brandi Glanville on the internet.

We reached out to Rimes’s husband, Eddie Cibrian, to ask about this- and, unsurprisingly, he has denied it.

“Do not know a Brandon King and any legal docs stating so are either made up or forged,” Cibrian told us. “But, I’m sure you already know that.”

Cibrian added that he “never heard of Brandon King. Never has done any work for us in any capacity. Seems like this guy has credibility issues.”

“The Brandi/LeAnn story is old and tired,” he added. “I hope I  was able to clear things up for you.  Reading that ridiculous testimony was painful to say the least.”

Cibrian also stated that, “This guy (Brandon King) say(s) he did web design, development and security for 2 people then added leann’s name. No chance.”

Cibrian wrapped with saying, “Like I said, don’t know this guy. I know you are trying to recycle a story that is not relevant anymore. Old and sad. Don’t you think? No one cares.”

Cibrian also claimed that he sees “the set up” we are trying to do- whatever that means.

Stay tuned to The Dirty as we are going to have more on this exclusive story coming your way today.

EXCLUSIVE: Brandi Glanville Unfollows LeAnn Rimes On All Social Media

While Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes had been on better terms as of late, it seems that something has happened that could potentially cause a rift between the pair.

We noticed that Glanville, who was following Rimes on Twitter and Instagram, has suddenly unfollowed her.

We reached out to an insider close to the situation who dished exclusively that, “Something has recently come into Brandi’s possession regarding LeAnn that Brandi is less than happy with.” 

“It has nothing to do with the cheating scandal from years ago,” our source continued, “but it definitely is scandalous nonetheless.” 

“For this reason, Brandi has unfollowed LeAnn on all social media,” they added.

Stay tuned as we are working hard to get you more information on what’s going on.