Trap House Scales


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dirt bag right here is 22 years old an was recently living in a shed in his sisters back yard using a space heater to stay warm. He does nothing but drugs an drink. As one of his former “friends” he does coke, speed an smokes “mad weed boys” hes an alcoholic to top it off. He gets anyone he can to hangout with him especially if they have cash cause that means he can get high or drunk. He fucks anything he can get his hands on, doesn’t matter how old they are but he says an i quote “the younger the better” hes disgusting preying on young girls as young as 13. He needs a reality check hes not “gangster” or “a straight up g” hes a drug addict piece of shit. He thinks hes a baller selling shitty weed an other drugs to little kids. Its pathetic an repulsive to think these kids think hes “so cool” because he lets them drink and do drugs.

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

Raving Pill Head


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Melanie Tremblay. The dirtiest, nastiest drug addict in all of brockville, Cardinal, prescott, morrisburg, cornwall.. Can we just say possibly the dirtiest of all of Ontario? She was dating a younger guy. A great guy actually. He was always good to her. Even when she scratched his face up, cut his neck and punched him in the head repeatedly. And why did she do this? Cause he didn’t want to get her anymore more pills. Mel will open her nasty ass legs to anyone that walks by.. Guy OR GIRL. If you have money or connections this girl will be your best damn friend. She uses her dads death as an excuse for her despicable behaviour.. Oh mel I bet he would be so proud of his daughter now ! She will try to wiggle her snake like self between any relationship just for shits and giggles. This girl is down right the most pathetic thing.. Look up “drd” in the dictionary and I bet this coke whore’s picture comes up. She claims to be so tough but countless times I’ve watch this bitch.. Well bitch out haha ! I would too if I were 80pounds and a stick. Cl*p ! ..c*ap c*ap. Diseases or giving a round of applause for her disgustingness I’ll let you decide.

Brockville Thugs


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik dis here wannabe thug cody noonan is banging brockvilles dirtiest hood rat mother Chelsea fraser who is at the bars more than taking care of her kid. skids live at home with mommy and daddy so can party and do drugs grow up and chels keep those legs closed

Ryan Wirght

THE DIRTY ARMY: I would love to introduce you to this guy Ryan adam wirght lives in Athens ont with his mommy still the whole family is fucked in the head they all love to cause drama and play head games He was currently caught cheating on his girl friend (ex gf now) as he was seeing other girls and sleeping with them behind her back he loves sending pictures of his dick and sexting other girls.Ryan works at benson tires in Brockville on his lunch break he meets up with girls to get a blow job or a quick fuck he does not use condom at all in result to that he has a disease now and got a girl knocked up and fucked off .while his mommy and brother sit at home on their ass and collect welfare ..He is on a few dating sites such as POF and he has been on there for for awhile while in a relationship with a girl that he said he loved and what to spend the rest of his life with. When things dont go his way he runs back to his mommy to save his ass his mom love to stick her nose in where it does belong and will threaten you …I am warning you plz stay away from this guy he is very bad new as well as his family he will break your heart use you for all your money

Escort of Sorts

THE DIRTY ARMY: Were to start. This woman will cheat on any of her men or women she is with. She plays the system so well that people actually believes she needs to be on ODSP because she has some mental issue. Her kids are only important if she needs them to be to make herself look like she is mother of the year. Been fired from almost every job because of either stealing or fcking the bosses. She was married but who knows what happened there I can certainly say she more then likely came out sparkly clean because she had everyone in her corner saying how great she is, till they actually found out she is a dime bag escort of sorts. She has open sores all the time on either her face, arms, legs or some place. She lives in Prescott and I’m sure she has screwed half that town. She screwed me out of money and was pretty dirty even though she shows off she is clean. Melanie you should know better then fuck around with other womens men. Thank you though for the std.

Likes To Share

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is one of the Skankiest chicks from brockville,I’m shocked that she is only now being “Dirtied”.Nik, this is the dirty Courtney M Ethridge.So this girl is a supposedly “reformed” crackhead which is bullshit,she’s full blown. She would invite guys over and lock herself in her bedroom while her kids ran wild destroying her apartment, her daughter nearly electrocuted herself to death while she was getting fucked up and all she could do was laugh. If you have the lovely opportunity to be her neighbour then you get to enjoy 24/7 gut wrenching screaming because she doesn’t talk to her kids she constantly screams at them. Shes had her kids taken by C.A.S several times and some how she lies her way into getting them back. TBH they are better off with C.A.S. Young Boys beware! She has a thing for barely legal boys and dirtbags so if your 16-18 I would watch out…This dirty skank was severely assaulted by her baby daddy and a neighbour had to call the cops to help “save” this hoes life, during the ordeal she lied to the cops and left her child and that friend in the apartment with the assailant intentionally endangering both their lives. Of course this skanky bitch went back to the guy cause shes fcking stupid and to repay the girl who “saved” her life, she went and fcked her boyfriend as a thanks…SSSSSSLLLLUUUUTTTT! She would screw her best friends man and kiss her friend with a smile afterwards thats how much of a conniving bitch this whore is. I pray her kids see this .

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