One Conceited Bad Mother — Angela Zimmerman


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, soooooo I needed to throw this bitch on blast cause her ego is bigger than the amount of haters she actually has. This idiot is Angela Zimmerman. She likes to takes daily selfies in her bathroom wearing the same bra and panties day after day. She seems to think people are “jealous’ of her, when in all reality we just laugh at her cause she is an un educated model wannabe who was ran out of Brooks after she lost her “massage” business. News flash BITCH, your a joke and you need to stop being so self centered and find a real job instead of living off the “earth” and your ugly ass boyfriend. Oh and BTW, the selfie of you in your underwear with your nephew in the bathroom was real classy you PIG!

Where is Brooks… is that in America?- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Junkie Zombies

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIk meet a Couple pieces of work from St, Revere, MA; JUNK BOXES: Kendra & Lawrence Antonetti; WHY: These heroin addicts are known to spit all over your car & cause beef over the internet for no good reason. They will talk shit about you where ever they can because they have nothing better to do than blame you for their own stupidity. Watch them yelling at their little boy and girl who run rampant in the streets along side them as they nod out and drool while walking to their local methadone clinic. They are a sight to see, but don’t get too close for the stink is quite unbearable!

Don’t worry they can only affect things within a walking distance from moms…- nik

Beware Of Brittney Baron!

Meet thunda cunt Brittney Baron! (Brooks, Alberta)

Meet thunda cunt Brittney Baron! (Brooks, Alberta)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty b*tch is Brittney Baron. She lives in Brooks, Alberta; feeding off the poor souls of stupid boys. She doesn’t take care of her body at all, looks and smells like a bad hooker from the darkest ghetto. If you’re one of those poor desperate guy’s that are just dating her for p*ssy, better get used to her riding your d*ck while she sucks some other guy off. She’s always cheating. Almost like she can’t get a penis out from between her legs or her mouth. It doesn’t matter if the guy’s have girlfriends or not either, or that if her breathe smells like shes been sucking d*ck all week. (which it does; wonder if she’s heard of toothpaste?… or a shower) She’s not sexy, not cute, not hot, not anything other then butt *ss fugly. Her whole body just giggles as she walks, and can’t seem to find clothes big enough to fit. She’s had about 6 “boyfriends” in the last 4 months, surprised that h*e isn’t pregnant yet. Guys seem to go to her lately because she doesn’t use condoms, and my sources have always let it go inside. Nasty. Hopefully this nasty b*tch can find out which raunchy DRD she has soon and spread the word to the rest of Brooks.

I’m Shocked I Haven’t Seen Her On Here Yet

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh Nik, I am SHOCKED this Scab hasn’t made it on here yet! Meet Julie Lawrence, the only other thing that smells nastier then Brooks is the scent from this chicks legs. She Works at the Zoo ( a strip bar here in Brooks) and her main goal in High school was to become a porn star, that was until she was told that she has a face for radio, hahahahaha!  She decided to get a boob job a couple years back thinking it would help her get guys, but the only thing it did was making her the lauging stock of this whole city, ESPECIALLY since she went back a few weeks ago to get her implnats even bigger. She couldn’t even keep her husband satisfied, he ended up f*cking a stripper from her work in the back room! hahahahahaha! She is best friends with another dirty on here; the infamous Claire Rae, that says alot, and not only does this skank think she is the hottest thing around here, if you have a line of blow, or a bottle or russian Vodka, you know you’ll be getting siome.  Whens she’s not busy being a groupie to every low life band that plays at the bar, you can find her taking duckface pictures of herself and applying a no name spray tan making her look like a OOmpa Loopma! What do you think?

She looks like a younger version of Dirty Celeb Krusty from Newport.- nik

The Slootiest Clown In Brooks Alberta

The Sluttiest Clown in Brooks Alberta

The Sluttiest Clown in Brooks Alberta

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this “prize” is Julie Lawrence, Brooks Alberta’s wanna be porn Star, and I say that cause her ONLY ambition in high school was to make into the porn business, that was until she went to hair schoo land started working at a local strip club here and became a real winner. This b*tch wears so much make up up, and spray tans, she is a walking oompa loompa. She pleases more newphies then a E.I cheque and if you have a bottle of russian vodka and some “pepsi” your gaurenteed a blow job! She couldn’t even keep her first husband, he was f*cking a stripper at her work in the back room while she was on shift, so I guess she took it to heart and now tries to look like one of them so more guys will talk to her! Her best friend is Claire Rae, another dirty on here, and she always says she wants to be famous, so here’s you chance you Clown! 😉