Uses GF As a Cover


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s a nasty story of an in the closet FREAK. February 5th Brad Kline swooped his EX off her feet, hiding the fact that the WHOLE time and LONGER that he was a happy ending masseuse, giving OLD MEN quickies for their money. All of this was done when she was working 2 full-time jobs, as he bragged about money he “won from the casino.” YUCK. Sadly they fought every month, but she went back to his sleezy ass every time, until he beat her up trying to throw her out after he threw out all her stuff, Their last fight started after his nigga-rich house broke ass lost over 1,000$ some how – he says the casino , who really knows. or cares. And the night before she felt sorry for him and gave him 40$ to buy an eighth of weed, because she felt bad that her and her BFF were drinking and he doesn’t drink, and the next morning she needed some fresh air and the open door made his bitch toes cold, and he wouldn’t stop bit**ing about it , and when she told him that she wanted to spend the week at her dad’s house because he had enough of his bi**hing, With that much time gone, she wanted to bring her weed, and all he had to say was: “No, IT’S MINE , YOU OWE ME (the gifts a man gives his woman) SO F’ING MUCH” then he told her to get out, and for the last time. Days later he begged for her back, she blocked his # And he kept harassing all of her closest friends, and FATHER. That’s when her dad google’d his # And at least 10 ESCORT ads appeared….. Before he found out that she knew, the titles included: “Just kicked out crazy GF” then when she found out on November 4th 2015, “Wednesday specials” ! Now I believe it’s just “24/7 Service.” One of the saddest parts was the fact that he used pictures of her…. If you’re looking to catfish a nigga, or bitch the shit out of him for wasting 10months of a GOOD girl’s life, then by all means! nigga says he’s “straight,” but he will take it up the ass if you sweet talk him!!

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Update: Aquaa Broke, Preggers and Ballooned


Nik, we all have been so happy with aquaa’s inactivity until i learned that she still offers her piercing services. This time she now offers dermal implants (last i heard she wasnt even qualified to do so) and female genital piercings. I personally would not let this he/she/it/thing near my lady parts unless you want a crooked peircing and a case of blue waffle (look it up). Along with that, some nutjob got her knocked up not once, but twice. This guttermoose is so sleezy she posted the pee stick on facebook, who does that? Since this is her second pregnancy she has gained crazy weight. I admit before she became this 500 pound beast she was quite f-able. Now a days….not so much. -insert scene from home alone when he finds the picture of buzz’s girlfriend.-

Woof.- nik

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Worst driver in Burnaby

Stop Sonya

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl needs to be put on blast for being the atrocious driver and junkie she is. She’s Sonya Sangha, a attention seeking slore who has had like five altercations with the cops regarding her driving. She got caught driving with a covered license plate once and had her license suspended for months for speeding fifty over like three times. She’s legally banned from driving but is still seen around town driving in her black Cadillac and wearing stinky fake furs and smoking pot. She also works at earl’s and can’t stop looking at random guys that she actually crashed into another waitress once or twice. She also goes to random hotel parties with her slaves Sarina Kambo and Manpreet Saran and gets them to hook up with random guys and then hooking up with them after her girls are finished with them.

Shouldn’t she be holding the wheel?- nik

Germaine The Low Life


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Juliette David or Germaine as everyone calls her. This greasy bitch starves her children while she’s rocking brand new track suits, Jordan’s, weed, booze and if you can believe it a PS4?? It’s absolutely disgusting. She uses “ to her online panhandling and uses having MS as a crutch to sucker people with compassion to giving her money or her YouTube video she’s put up begging for money. It’s horrible for a single mother to go through something like that but when she’s buying expensive things for herself it makes you wonder. How could you starve out your children just so you can have nice things. Has no problem asking for a hand out. Why don’t you put your children first. Stop expecting everyone else that works hard to support your kids while you spoil yourself. On top of that, she thinks she’s black when she’s straight native. Always talking about owning guns and thinking she’s gangster. Threatening young girls with guns and beat downs, something you’d think someone with MS wouldn’t be doing. She’s always celebrating with her other native friends when welfare Wednesday is close or child taxes. That’s nice, our tax dollars hard at work. You’re in your 30s already Germaine, time to grow up and stop playing gangster. You’re a mother for god sakes! Some of the shit I see on Facebook where she’s breaking off young girls with her horrible spelling and calling them “thots” like really? Grow up!

Kayla Cress – Kayla Woods


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this infested little girl has handed herself around the hood, she’s able to suck dick, f dick and eat dick like its a daily routine. Kayla Cress is a victim, she acts like she’s hard over Facebook and that she can punch you out and says she’s been to jail, when she’s only been to holding cells. She stole another persons jail outfit and rocks it too make it look like she had her time in jail. This girl deserves to be put on blast, she thinks she can punch anyone out, or beak anyone off but in the heat of the moment she isn’t able to stand tall against what you have to say, she’s all over social media, but you never see her act tough in person unless the people are smaller and younger. Kayla talks shit, but doesn’t back it up by meeting up or dong anything about the situation. KAYLA, you’re a dick lazy hoe who slumps on anyone’s cock for sympathy, listen bi**h, you slept with your own cousin, if that ain’t gross, than what is?

You lift bro?- nik

Everything in Life Ain’t Free


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this slore Monica empey thinks it’s cool to send dudes nudes to raise money for a boob job has a 1 year old daughter and is a recovering he**n addict how f’ed can you be sending pics of you sucking your mans dick to stranger for money ur a parent now start acting like it

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