Kathleen Bull aka Kathy


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Kathleen Bull aka Kathy. She will go down if the price is right. She’s been on so many wieners that Heinz ketchup is jealous. She’s been folded, bent over and tagged team as much as any hooker has, but she doesn’t take your money, she takes your soul. She is an evil old bag with children but she doesn’t look after these kids properly. She takes off and uses the children’s family allowance to put up her nose or to calm her quivering liver. She has to be dressed up to the nines while her kids are wearing rugged clothes. Her house is a pig stah with dirty clothes all over the floor and down the stairs. Never any food in her shelfs or fridge, just beer. She acts like a fun loving person but she’s a user of people and once she is done with whatever you have to offer she will move on to her next “bestie”. She never has real friends because she her self doesn’t know the meaning of real friendship. She uses people to her advantage. In her 40’s and acts like she’s still 18. Kids could be left at home alone and she won’t care as long as she is getting what she wants, a dick in her flabby hole and doing a rail or two. She claims to be a social worker but she has her own social problems. Watch out you may think she is your best friend but she is using you for something. Her social work she only did one year and never finished. She’s an old bitch who thinks she’s a goddess. Her legs are wide open for any greg that wants to get in there. She’s easy and has no standards. Watch it ladies make sure your husbands or boyfriends never come in contact with this old hoe, you will never see them again till there with no money and have a drd.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

The many eyebrows of CJ dunne


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Since I saw the other post (the other post) I decided to help clarify some things about this hot mess… A pictures worth 1000 words so here’s 5 ! I don’t know what’s worse the messed up thing she does with her lips or the eyebrows. Nik what do you think?

What SPF does she use?- nik

Gym Sloot Chels Dunne


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet chels dunne also goes by cj… Burnabys infamous sharpie eyebrowed concave titted cum dumpster looks like midget jockey . U can smell her stinky pussy from golds gym Burnaby to Africa. She apparently a teen mom but lost her kid be cuz she is into drugs and escorting but when that failed cuz she’s so ugly she started working at the gym; got fired be cuz she fcked too many of the members and too much drama. This girl has been with every guy I know and every time she gets the interest of one guy she posts it all over Instagram yet when she is single of the time she posts about how she is single and doesn’t have time for “meaningless sex” yet throws her cat around like its goin out of style! This roid monkey Even blurs her face in all her selfies to cover her roid acne and is the joke of the gym cuz everyone notices. How many thirst trap pics can 1 person post ? desperation don’t look good on noone chels.. Stop editing ur pics!! How anyone possed to find u if u go missin?! U look like michael Jackson on Insta n Amy wine house in person!! Nik plz Put this hoe on blast!

Burnaby Slore


THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik. This sick c*nt here is name Cassandra. She goes hoe in’ around town like a sick dog. fuking anytime anything she can get to have a good time. doing E,cocaine and drinking till she gets shit face with randoms. Always seeing her at the clinic because gets infected with shit from God knows where. she thinks she is the shit but look at her…she’s a fat, ugly troll. Ya keep getting shit face and fingering yourself in front of the camera whore. She’s a disgrace in this city. Go back to your trailer trash yo. Nobody wants you ugly loser.

Sucking Sendo


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this drd ridden amazonian is the slutty serenity endo. she is worried about who she can suck or fck to get her next half gram when she should be worried about how soon daddy is gunna cute her off and stop paying her way thru every thing. when i first met her she gave off the vibe that she was a cool down to earth girl until her coke habbit and weird obsession with her best friend came out i swear this bitch is really a dyke but wont admit it with how much she obsesses over her. she can be found at the vapour lounge with her “guys” or club hopping her broke ass all over looking for a cock to slam her and give her some blow for the night

Highgates Hoe


THE DIRTY ARMY: dear nik, this is sadaf rahimi , she claims shes so clean as a young afghan girl but everyone knows that shahab afshar used to anal her in the starbucks bathroom he took her virginity and now no ones gonna marry this fat bitch in our culture she used to get facialed everyday and get fcked on the side of highway 1 by him. he used to take videos of her and he told everyone he has pictures, as a fellow afghan girl she gives all of us a bad fucking name. and to think I used to hang out with this nasty fat afghan pig cocksucking slut cum bucket, now shes fucking Indians guys in caprice and basement everynight. Sadaf you need to grow up and stop acting like your such a good girl. and funny thing is her brothers don’t know she does coke and teaches other girls how to suck dick. you should be proud sadaf!

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