All Plastic No Brains

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Natalie Jackson. Not a whole lot is going on for Natalie. She’s in her mid 30s, working retail in a lowly shoe store. Sure, she’s eye candy with those fake, over-sized plus +2, and that’s pretty much it. Not a whole lot going on upstairs. She’s of mixed race (half Chinese and half Caucasian, that’s “white” , Natalie) and something she wrote on her Facebook last week really irked me. She made a really, really ignorant and dumb remark about hoping that Donald Trump would be president so he could fix the worlds problem. I immediately lost my shit when I read this. I mean Natalie, have you looked yourself in the mirror lately????? I guess not. The last thing the world needs is someone like Trump for president. Ugh, ignorance really can kill .Natalie, why don’t you just go back to making minimum wage and watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and leave the politcal chat to the grown ups. Mmmmmk??

New Escort Melis

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirty s*** is a pathological liar and she’s addicted to all sorts of drugs. She loves being around multiple guys and sleeps with them after taking alcohol, drugs. This dirt bag met my boyfriend and since day one never let go of him, kept denying that they do drugs together when I already knew. They pretended that they were really close friends but in reality they were just hooking up before and after events. Please put this s*** on blast for hooking up with my boyfriend in exchange of drugs and a place to stay. I must admit they’re both scumbags. But this person who calls herself a woman is clearly not so innocent after all.

Dirty slut
2016-02-08 14.39.10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this woman right here should not be allowed to have kids. Her daughter has cerebral palsy and is locked in her bed unless she’s at school. Allison is constantly mentally abusing her daughter from calling her a stupid b**ch to calling her a retard. Her daughter is disabled and like any disabled child or adult has needs. Her daughter gets yelled at for being hungry or as Allison calls it acting like a little b”h. If someone confronts her out in public for how she treats her daughter she goes off. Allison is an alcoholic and uses crystal m**hod and pepsi almost on a daily basis. Allison also has a son that she has up on a pedestal but is so spoiled he doesn’t know how to act properly. She is so focused on getting drunk and high that her kids constantly miss school. She’s quite the slot. She has accounts on many different sites and sleeps with multiple men. She’s even gone as low as cheating on her boyfriends and then acting suspicious of them when you’re not doing a thing wrong. In my opinion the ministry needs to take those kids at least give them a fighting chance at life. Her daughter will need 24/7 care for the rest of her life this is no place for a child to be. Alcoholic mother that brings random men home to have sex with and constantly drunk. Her house stinks and is disgusting is no wonder her daughter is constantly sick. Pathetic excuse for a mother. People like this is why the world looks down upon aboriginal people

Sunny Lenarduzzi is a slore of social media

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it seems like everyday there is a new whore…oh wait I mean face of social media. This boyfriend stealing slut named Sunny Lenarduzzi sucked my boyfriends dick at a bathroom during an event she was at. We broke up after I found out. This whore false markets herself as knowing social media yet she hardly has followers. It is time for everyone to expose this whore as she is. Sunny close your legs next time

Unprofessional group of ladies

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Best personnel is a temp agency that allows you to work for a day or keep a ongoing job. BUT one thing they lie about is the fact people are going to hire you. NOPE. they don’t !! anyway Lets start off with TANIA NEARING she has got to be the only nice one there. sadly she has hired some unprofessional group of ladies that are rude, ignore you at the counter, talk behind the customers back , lose your cheques, give you half of your pay, give you dirty looks AND at one point one of them even slept with one of the customers (kinda gross since allot of them are old gentlemen). MARY DUSAULT is the other owner of this slut of a slore house we call best… she does not talk much… she kinda sits in her desk with her fat ass and signs the cheques. ok here we go how about LINDSAY PHIBBS lol most of them guilt trip you if you call in sick for a shift but every time i got this blond headed c’nt she would make me feel like a peace of shit EVERY TIME. like the world was going to end for her.. good lord its not like i called in sick everyday, only 3 times in 1 year …STEPHANIE SIMPSON ok this bi’ch is just a stuck up cow….. these ladies are rude I’ve never witnessed a more unprofessional group of people in my life. Rude doesn’t even start to describe it. you get off work and you go get you’re cheque and they just ignore you… i mean you wait there for like an hour just to get it… come on ladies smarten up … rename you’re business to rude. not best

Uses GF As a Cover

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s a nasty story of an in the closet FREAK. February 5th Brad Kline swooped his EX off her feet, hiding the fact that the WHOLE time and LONGER that he was a happy ending masseuse, giving OLD MEN quickies for their money. All of this was done when she was working 2 full-time jobs, as he bragged about money he “won from the casino.” YUCK. Sadly they fought every month, but she went back to his sleezy ass every time, until he beat her up trying to throw her out after he threw out all her stuff, Their last fight started after his nigga-rich house broke ass lost over 1,000$ some how – he says the casino , who really knows. or cares. And the night before she felt sorry for him and gave him 40$ to buy an eighth of weed, because she felt bad that her and her BFF were drinking and he doesn’t drink, and the next morning she needed some fresh air and the open door made his bitch toes cold, and he wouldn’t stop bit**ing about it , and when she told him that she wanted to spend the week at her dad’s house because he had enough of his bi**hing, With that much time gone, she wanted to bring her weed, and all he had to say was: “No, IT’S MINE , YOU OWE ME (the gifts a man gives his woman) SO F’ING MUCH” then he told her to get out, and for the last time. Days later he begged for her back, she blocked his # And he kept harassing all of her closest friends, and FATHER. That’s when her dad google’d his # And at least 10 ESCORT ads appeared….. Before he found out that she knew, the titles included: “Just kicked out crazy GF” then when she found out on November 4th 2015, “Wednesday specials” ! Now I believe it’s just “24/7 Service.” One of the saddest parts was the fact that he used pictures of her…. If you’re looking to catfish a nigga, or bitch the shit out of him for wasting 10months of a GOOD girl’s life, then by all means! nigga says he’s “straight,” but he will take it up the ass if you sweet talk him!!

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