Two Faced Tara


THE DIRTY ARMY: To all of the dirty, I’d like to make my first of many posts by starting off with diss dirty ass, lying cheating two faced bitch. This is Tara Joyce, she’s on of the biggest if not biggest bullshiter on the planet. I met her in the summer of 2014 at Eb Games at Metrotown and had asked her out on a date. She’d informed me that she and her bf had split b.c he cheated so I dicided a sweet girl (or so I thought) deserved to be treated right or spoiled after such bs. First night I had her in my bed and for two weeks straight after that with her telling me she’d never felt so good and etc etc all that girl bs, but her phone rang every night at bedtime and one time while she wAs sleeping I anwsered to see who calling my girl at 4am in the morning and it’s her ex. I read through her texts while talking to this ex and he had no idea who I was -.- so if you run into this whore-able person be aware she has a man in the states and will lie behind your back. Oh yeah and she’s been stealing from her work and will steal while your out with her. I once walked into the store with her b.c we were stoned and this hoe wanted to steal bubble gum when I had two fifty in bills -.- wtf is wrong with your Tara Joyce . She doesn’t even have her high school diploma and I offered to pay and help her get it done and went back to her dishwasher ex …dafuq is with scum.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Burnaby Pedo

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nikki, this here is omid sahebi burnabys most pedophile, he’s in a relationship yet that doesn’t stop this fool for fuking around with girls who are 14 or 15 . A few months ago he tried forcing himself on me. This c*nt is so disgusting nik help me reveal his nasty perverted ass and warn all the girls to stay away from him. He just looks like a tough guy that’s all he is the dumbest person you could meet.

Old Bimbo

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik i need help does anyone know who this blonde bimbo is? she has been txxting my bf of 4 yrs/ telling him to come by her work that she will give him free drinks, he can give her a ride home. sounds like code for ‘hey im a whore’. bribing him with alcohol like WTF. she is sending pics that look totally photoshopped like how many fcking filters does she need! anyone pls help me we r graduating this year and suppose to go off to college together  i dont want her drd ridden vagina near him! he said she must have the wrong # but my heart says hes lying. where does she work whores r us?? I will find out, if anyone knows her if somehow this nasty cow is ur friend WARN HER! find ur own man u r fcking trash!

Ugly Noodle

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This guy here is Jhon Michael Cabiling. Used to live in Van but now lives in Surrey in a tiny ass appartment by Whalley since his broke ass fam couldnt afford to pay rent nomo. This guy thinks hes all that, gets cocky all the time when everyone knows he cant do shi, hes a fckin 5 foot filipino midget who can’t fight. He asked his so called ‘bestfriend’s’ ex gf to be f*ck buddies, when they just recently broke up. How low is that?! Can’t get girls fo shi thats why. This guy aint even circumsized, his d*ck smells like Pee, LIKE dude, ever heard of ‘proper cleaning’. If you arent gunna get ur D*ck cut, go f*ckin wash yourself, that’s why noone wants to go down on you. He and his bros all look like monkeys. His teeth are all fcked up, thts why he doesnt smile in pics, like go get braces, oh wait, nvm hes too Poor to afford em. His whole fam in debt, with no education whatsoever.

Watch out for Tinder creep

THE DIRTY ARMY: Met this 19 year old poser Chad McAdams on Tinder and he told me he use to be a big drug dealer and says he comes from a lot of money in Edmonton, scams people and acts like a douche bag all the time. He thinks he’s a pimp when really he’s a huge ass loser. Sleeps around with other fat ugly girls from Tinder and brags about how all the girls on Tinder are obsessed with him! So pathetic.. Nik please put this filthy fraud f*cker on blast!!

Chantelle is dirty

THE DIRTY ARMY: Gentleman, let me present to you Chantelle. I met this dirty lil asian on okcupid. When we first met up, she seemed very shy and timid, typical asian. Once i got to know her, whoa, she was a dirty little tramp. Know what the best way to get into her pants? Flash a wad of those red $50 bills and she’ll suck you off, while you’re driving. Chantelle’s got no ass, another typical asian feature, but she’s got an unbelievable rack. She fcks like a jack-rabbit on speed. That’s the best way that i can describe it. At this point in our relationship, i would consider us, f**k buddies, so i thought, why not share the wealth for the other gentleman in town, right NIk?

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