First burgar Making Sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this the one and only Amanda Wilkie. I just thought i’d warn everyone of surrey and the surrounding areas (vancouver, burnaby, langly, delta ect) of how much of looser scum bag h*e this b*tch here is. she is the most rank creature to roam the streets of surrey. she sells her *ss to put food in her kids mouth (advice GET OFF WELFARE AND GET A JOB ) , either sleeping with men for money or drugs to get high to keep her mind off her disaster of a life she has. she dumps her child off with anyone and anything to get out there and sell that body of hers ( mind you , she has a body of a 7 year old boy) her kid is 6 years old and still sh*ts its pants. her boyfriend if we can remember which one she is dating this week, Shane, Cory back to Shane then back to Cory then back to Shane, have a baby with Shane…loses her baby cause she rolled on her while she was sleeping and high, then a few other guys to Justin boulier the new one she was trying to trap before he realized was a skid she is and left, SURREY WHAT?!?! She’s the most rank rotten surrey scum there ever is.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Help Find my Love

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik i met this super pretty girl at mall..and fell in love with her then i finally found her on intagram.. can please antbody help me finding who is she .. just knw her name ?

Odessa McFarlane

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Odessa Mcfarlane a pepsi head that loves getting drunk and high and letting randoms pound her. She looks like a tranny with a real bad boob job from Mexico.You can find this junky working at The Pint with her fellow pepsi head coworkers. Sad part about this bitch is she thinks shes hot as fuck when she looks like a man in real life. She acts like the world revolves around her, bitch open your eyes because no one gives a shit about you.She has 2 jobs and yet her life is still going nowhere. This pepsi head deserves to be out on blast. She is so gross. Have fun with this one Nik

Amanda Cullum

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik This cnt who’re situation needs to be put on blast.This sloppy girl is open 24/7 for service, breaking homes and being a sloot is her best quality. If anyone in the Burnaby area is interested in some disease ridden v*gina make sure you give her nasty ass a call. Amanda Cullum continues to cheat on her boyfriends and also with taken men, what sits going to take for you to realize being a home wrecker makes you worthless and sad youll never be the girl youll alwasy be the whore on the side.. DISGUSTING!!!! she has no morals what so ever! When is she gonna get a clue that she aint no wifey, she just a used up one night stand. have some self respect and stop being a who*e you trailer trash white hick.. If you want to see more pictures of her tryna be a boss bitch follow her instagram @mandaalin or add her on facebook bi*ch never declines. Hope you see this post bi*ch your nothing but a sad pathetic excuse for a women you should be ashamed of yourself… NIK what do you think of this “GIRL”

Wife beating Deadbeat

THE DIRTY ARMY: I was with this guy for 3 years,he is very VERY abusive in evrey way, emotionally,physically,sexually,mentally.I have NEVER Seen a temper so hot he litterally sees red. Punched me out several times blacked out a few times, busted ribs the whole 9 yards.ON top of all this he lied and cheated on me even when i got PRENANT He was having sex witrh drity skeezy sluts and he was SEVENTEEN. then cming into my house and fucking me,he would show up all times whenever he wanted. he’d eat all my food steal my whole welfare cheque outta my walletmake me think i was nutters and my roomates stole it then bounced. if there was no food, pot,dope ,smokes or $$$$$ this kid i wouldnt see for weeks. now me and my beautiful daughter have a prtection order aganist him he’s a CRAZYPHYSCOPATH i was in the hospital 1 month after i had my daughter and we were in a locked ward 4 protection, He used too snatch girls purses and robb asians in north burnaby,i have covered this kids ass so many times,been beaten by him,taken beating for him when ive backed him up when people who are looking for him find him… I am DONE With this dirtybag deadbeaten daddy,,just want too warn all girls out there ecspecially baby MOMMA’S And cute young girls..this guys young but hes smart. conning was his profession i watched him get thousands from people and never pay them back !! LADIES BEWARE! HOLD YOUR BAGS TIGHT AND KEEP’ YO FISTS UP if u see LUCAS BRUSCIANO.ohhe is sogood at acting and always lies about things,

Jaimee Ryan

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl right here is TRASH, this girl belongs on hasting, her mom was there for how long? Isn’t it jaimees time? This girl is disgusting, if her looks aren’t bad enough she’s a thief and a coke head slut. This girl traded in her daughter so she could to go be with her dealer and living happy ever after! Well here they are, all high and now stealing from people. This welfare bum can’t even keep a job! This mutt got kicked out of her bfs mothers house, probably because she was trying to sell all her belongings! She has now recently now stollen from her friend, again, like she does with all her friends, apparently the cops are searching for her for stealing a tablet. This girl is a sorry excuse for not only a mother but a human being. But this nasty bitch on the blast!

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