40 year old Bouncer


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, watch out for this sensitive mind f**k! Plays chicks one by one, has a girlfriend lined up before he moves on to the next one. Told more than one woman he loves them and won’t use condoms! Passing on drds to the next chick he woo’s. Steroid, muscle junky, testosterone head, insecure man! Ladies please make sure he wraps up that cock! Works at the National on 10th, says he’s the head of security for the company, doubt that along with all the lies and stories this little dick man tells.

Dumber Than I Thought


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is shelby carvalho and she is the dumbest girl in all of calgary. She has been on and off over the years with her boyfriend sidiq abdule because she wont get a clue that he is a complete loser and move on with her life. They started dating way back in high school and he did nothing but lie and cheat on her since day one. She has major insecurities because of her weight and she thinks she cant find anyone else to be with. She has been obsessed with him and her whole life is consumed by his existence. She needs to wake up and come back down to planet earth and realize that he is never going to marry and bring a white girl into his family. Word on the street is he has been engaged to someone in Afghanistan and is working on bringing her here. Unfortunately not only are you going to get your heart broken you risking your health by continuing to put out to a guy who cheats on you with multiple girls on a daily basis. Hit the gym and get a clue dumb dumb!

Trashy Raver


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik would you look at this piece of work you’ll find her at any local rave that’s going on in red deer thinking she’s hot sh’t half naked I used to be friends with this piece of garbage tell I found out how much of a clown she was see you around you dirt bag

Careful or you will get Brewered


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, she does a really good job at playing the sweet little girl from the east coast who is just kind to everyone and posts all the inspirational quotes on instagram to back her up. But the funny thing is she owes several people thousands of dollars. Common lines are “oh shit i forgot my debit card” “Got an extra smoke?” “Can we hang out so I can smoke your weed and sniff your pepsi?” “I just got a new job and they are holding my pay can you cover me ? ” This girl goes through “Friends” like its her J-O-B. Takes advantage of anybody who is nice to her and had to move across the country because she burned every bridge she had right to the ground. Be careful or you will get Brewered.

Backstabber Beware


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. Beware of this girl . She used to be a friend until she tired hooking up with my boyfriend, sending him nasty pics, that’s a low thing for a friend to do, but doesn’t surprise me with what she has done. She has also sent pics to guys that she works with, doesn’t matter if they have girlfriends or wife’s. She is seeing a guy named Mike who is a least 10 years older then her and she has cheated on him many times, took guys back to their place when is wasn’t around. Mike thinks this girl loves him but I know that she is just using him, she laughs at the fact that she played him after he broke up with his ex and continues to play him, when she wants things she hooks back up with him cause she said he’d take her back anytime cause he old and doesn’t want to be alone, when we’re out drinking she makes fun of him about him leaving his ex who she doesn’t like. She accused his ex of harassment to make him see her differently hoping he won’t want her back, knowing that he really loves his ex. Every place she has worked this girl has caused problems. She is so nasty that when Mikes ex gave a box of stuff back, she took a few things out of the box for herself without him knowing , that’s disgusting for any girl to do. This girl is bi-polar, crazy and will try to hook up with anyone she can which she has on several occasions. Thought she was my friend until she tried it with my guy. This girl has a lot of problems, so girls and guys beware of this Calgary hoe. My advice run from this girl if you know her and if she is your friend be careful.

False Claims


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, everyone be aware of this girl her name is Jessica antonio. This so call “good girl” isn’t really shes always quiet when youre around her listening when she gets mad throw shades everything she does is behind social she claiming she only has a problem with her recent ex name Kareem Barrow but she has alot of problems with alot of people she runs away from her problem by trying to move or let people her cops cleans up her mess. She hides things from alot of people because of her past she tells people her life problems and knows what she is doing always. she wants to be a savage cause of all of the bullshit she went thru. she dated my buddy Kareem her recent ex she’s putting dirt on his name making people thinks shes a good person and hes the bad one. i was reading all of their text she’ll say always never i swear to god and still lies she goes behind people back and put dirt on their name and on her twitter. she scared to say things to your face so she does it behind your back think about the scariest things ever and she’s scared of that she likes guys that treated her like shit. if you ever have problems with her she’ll tweet about you on her twitter she’s always turning up hiding behind people she’s never by herself. so if you have a problem with her tell her to say it to your face. she’s a snitch so watch out yall. she called the cops on her recent ex Kareem framing him so they both got a warning she got upset after she cant do face to face by herself so ignore the shit talking she’ll say about you. She is not to be trusted. She thins shes all that most beautiful girl in yyc shell try to take your man. whatever troubles she gets into she’ll stop going too. She’s really smart what she does she just plays dumb. she goes to bespoke mostly standard she stop going to Common because she got in alot of trouble. She’s childish and needs a reality check she’s half Asian half Spanish but she think shes mostly Spanish but you can see shes more Filipino. please do not get close with her she rely’s on people thinking she’s doing good better then her ex’s. She fake stunts on her ig but she’s really broke. She plays hard to get cause she doesn’t want her heart broken she doesn’t want karma and get fucked over again. She’s a mess she acts innocent she wears alot of make up because she’s a drug addict she does cocaine shrooms meth she acts good because she doesn’t want nobody looking at her differently cause she talk alot of shit about people behind her back.

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