Watch out POF’ers
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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , I was searching on plenty of fish because I am new to Calgary . I found this girl , she is cute , besides the lips . Anyways , we went on a date about a week ago . We had a couple drinks and she herself decided to come over to my place . Cool . Any man wouldn’t mind , we slept together and it was the worst lay I have ever had in my life . Her mouth felt like a cheese grater, she smelt funny and she wanted to go again after we had already brutally tried to “make love” . But I looked at her panties and seen green gew in them. Im warning all men out there if you see this girl on POF DONT DO IT. She does have nice big tits though .

This Woman Belongs in Jail

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please avoid all financial dealings with Shelina Pyarali. She is a scammer and a very good liar. If you don’t believe this, please Google her first. She has a number of scams going right now: The most common one is she says she has tickets to an event (hockey game, concert) that she needs to sell. She’ll take your money and give excuse after excuse for not giving your your tickets. She’ll claim her mother is dying in the hospital in hopes you’ll just leave her with the money. You will need to threaten her with going to the police to get the money back. Another one is she’ll ask you to help her with emailing money. She’ll say “I’ve reached my limit for the day, can you send some money for me and I’ll pay you back tomorrow ” OR she’ll ask you to have money emailed to you, take it out of your bank account, and give her the cash. Don’t do it!!!! The third scam is investments. She’ll ask for you to invest a minimum of $1000, and tell you there’s a garunteed return of 10%. Don’t do it. The scarriest part (and the reason she needs to be in jail) is she works in taxes. She was fired from working for CANADA REVENUE AGENCY for going into peoples accounts and fudging audits. Why didn’t they throw her ass in jail? She says she’s an accountant but she’s been stripped of her title due to fraud. She’ll try to do your taxes, that means she’ll have enough information to steal your identity. Just stay away.

Tiffany Spavor is an Escort

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, everyone needs to keep a look out for this girl right here. Tiffany Spavor works a double life. Receptionist in the day, backpage prostitute by night.  has no morals and no values . offers anal, bareback bjs and does it all for super cheap. Tiffany is so used up from all that anal she has to wear depends,so she doesnt sh’t herself from all the leakage . This dirty hoe sent photos of her crotch to my husband ( yes I know my husband is at fault ) and let me tell you , that’s one beat up hole ! Insecure little skank can’t keep her legs closed and gets off on sleeping with other people’s men. Tiffany is so nasty she believes that nasty cottage cheese oozing out her p’ssy in normal ? What is wrong with this girl? The top hookers in the world don’t even have this many DRD’s. For the thousands of guys who have paid for a pathetic night with this clap trap, go get tested for A”S. Tiffany will always be a Walmart Special, always shopping the sales rack.

Import Trash scamming money off men

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I met up with this girl who calls herself Alanna her POF account is Play_boy_25 she mentions that she got out of a abusive relationship from Manitoba and wants to meet some nice guys to take care of her but all she wants to do is scam your money! She will say that she needs money for her baby sitter to watch her kids before she goes on a date with you, will meet up with you take the money and then will make up excuses why she cant go, she is staying at a women’s shelter with another girl who might be doing the same thing. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS CHICK IF YOU SEE HER AROUND IN THE ONLINE DATING WORLD

Watch your hearts and purses

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, he goes by many different names from rudy to rudolf to glen but reality is his name is Rudolf nyarko. . He’s 33 unemployed 2 kids with a prostitue in Toronto. .. he also has a baby on the way in edmonton . He lies to force is way into your lives… he started out with saying his past girlfriends are sluts but that’s simply not true… other then his first baby mom the girls have all been good hard working women… he thinks he a play boy….all his sh’t is stolen and fake… he is on welfare and can’t afford sh’t…. he moves from one girl to the other approximately every 6 weeks… he lied and cheats and steals… he says he doesn’t do drugs but that’s a lie.. he smokes cr**k and sells his ass on Craigslist to guys… he is a complete loser from ghana. .. his family wants nothing to do with him because he’s such a loser…his mom’s sick and yet he doesn’t give too sh’t. … he bounces from couch to couch… he’ll tell anyone he loves them if they give him money… warning to all men and women alike stay away from this loser…. he has 10 different facebook accounts and is on pof.. badoo… and meet me under many names….33 no job living out of a garbage. what a winner

Pure evil

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this women is a very evil ##nt. Taking advantage people, pretending to be a friend. Just a evil money hungry c#nt. Manipulating people using people to put up her stupid phoney wrestling shows. Cheap, pas the wrestless cheap. Also taking advantage of the oldest hart family member. She thinks she’s so powerful. People BEWARE of the awful W#tch. Lying phoney, she is not a Hart. Just a big fat phoney old evil c#nt. Stacey has no soul. Trying to put on these wrestling show’s, pays cheap. Thinks her life is so great, oh no she’s doesn’t drink do drugs, yeah, right bullsh#t. House smells like cat shit, just dirty as H#ll. Watch out for her. She’s a fraud. Beware!!

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