Cody Schable the Skinner


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Cody is a abusive woman beater. He threatens to ki’l women and children. This fat F**k is a goof skinner who hides out in PC cause all of Calgary remand wants to get him. He puts his ex on here and woman who reject him. When he doesn’t get his way or a girl he proceeds to put them on here talking trash about them, which is all lies and trys to make them look bad. But none believes a word that comes out of his mouth. When people find out what he does they talk and try to get the truth but then when he gets caught in his lies, he gets made and crys. Someone needs to put a d**k in his mouth and shut him up. Cody why don’t you eat another can of bear mace like you deaerve. Your a hood rat. He’s smokes so much meth and does so many drugs, he steals bikes to support his habit. Then trya to sell them but gets caught cause he’s not smart enough. He thinks he’s hot s**t but no girl likes him at all yet wants anything to do with him. He has so any restraining orders against him from other women, and HOME FRONT HAD TO HIDE HIS EX GF SO HE WOULD STOP HIRTTING HER. Maybe he should jump on a d**k, he’ll probably have a better time getting some. When In remand he hides behind the guards and is a rat. He tells the cops anything and everything to try and save his ass but never works.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Diddle me Chug


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirty bucket chug Harlequin Favel (her facebook name) or her real name Justin Marie Black Kettle fucked my ex and gave him drd’s ! (which is why he is an ex!) She is 25 years and has 5 kids from different men, she can’t keep her legs closed and brags about men wanting to get in in but little does she realize she is just a hit it and quit it chug slut that uses one mans c” for the next unlucky bastards lube! She ditches her kids to get banged on a regular basis, boasts about living in shelters and being on welfare! She tells people she wants to become a nurse and when guys and chicks she has f’ed over come into her care she will watch them suffer and die for the wrong they have done to her by exposing her dosed out no ass, no class dirty c’ bucket chug (what a low life!). She brags about being a good mom to her kids but abuses them, posts pictures on facebook but the sad part is you can see how unfit of a mother she is by the kids’ rotten teeth. Her baby daddies/victims found out how much of a dirty cunt she is by all her diseases she spread to them and when they left her dosed out loose hole, she was so desperate for a fuck while she was pregnant and let a bunch of unsuspecting victims fuck her loose disease ridden hole and didn’t tell them about it, they all found out after they sobered up and coyote uglied her flat ass! She has had more c” dumped in her then a porn star and her motto is “heartless is hurt less” lol What a f’ing joke she is and that is her motto because she knows every guy that is supposedly lined up to f’ her diseased no ass is only with her for a easy lame f’ but none will give her the title of girlfriend cause they don’t want her and all her excess baggage or better yet ot have an instant family! Watch out for this dirty chug and her diseases that she doesn’t hesitate to spread to any and all unsuspecting victims. Her poor kids are so confused because of all the men who fuck and chuck her insecure, ego driven, loose hole! you been EXPOSED!!!!

Jerry Troha Cheap Croatian Troll


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Sugar Daddy off of SeekingArrangements..? Yeah right! Cant pinch a f’ing penny out of this guy. He will never get with any woman without paying for it! I don’t know what short bus this guy crawled off of but I have never met a man like this in my life! He is a dishonest rat, a slimy snake and bald as an eagle. Hot-shot? More like Short-stuff, a 40year old man that walks around acting like a 15year old boy dating 20year old girls. You would think that he was Jewish, cheapest f’ in Calgary. If you are seeking this Goof full of empty promises you will find him circulating the streets of Kensington accompanied by his two Musketeers. More like the 3 Mutt-skteers! Has all the money anyone could wish for but he will forever remain a lonely old man. He can ever only dream of finding someone that would put up with his bullshit, constant story telling and disconnect. Claims to be an honest, loyal and a person with integrity.. thats a joke. Almost as big of a joke as he is. He can think whatever he wants about him self but the proof is in the pudding. Finger in the ass…? Really? I couldn’t believe it!Drive off in your flaming yellow Ferrari to Wonderland you delusional Troll. p.s use some of your millions to invest in hair-plugs it may help with your triple-chin. Keep it 100!

Kayla Toma Trusted Slore

Kayla Toma 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I met this whore Kayla Toma in June after a one night stand with her, to only get a phone call from her saying she gave me an drd called (**a) later blaming me for it like what the fu’? I heard through the great vine that she has slept with so many men and I’m sure numerous one night stands. This whore has lied about her age to many people and then claims she is good person lol! Guys you can f’ her so easy all you have to do is give her some drugs, alcoholic , Marijuana pretty much in that order. I have heard so many bad things about this whore taking dick from many guys at the same time, it’s amazing how small Calgary is! Also she loves it so much she keeps going back for more, I am so beside myself because I had to get treated by my doctor for this drd this wh’re gave me. Guys do your research with this whore before getting with her, not to mention strap up as you do not know what kind of drd one will get or worse her.

This is how you throw out your back.- nik

Alberta’s gold digger


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the entire city of Calgary and surrounding needs to be warned about Lana Haller. You can easily find her off of POF or at any local bar. Backstabbing b*tch thinks she’s living the “big life” because she works ‘under the table’ and recently got liposuction, yet she’s still nauseating as ever. This b*tch will run you for your money, and once it’s all gone she will be too. Jumps guy to guy, never being able to hold a relationship. I wouldn’t trust a single word that comes out of this c*nts mouth. Avoid her like the plague, do NOT fall for this putas trap!!!!!! Legend has it, if you look into her bulging eyes long enough, money from your bank account will magically appear in hers!!! Stay away!!

Picture looks innocent enough till you realize there’s a dude straddling her.- nik

Karmen Akkerman


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Nasty putrid native whore needs too be locked up and have her tubed tied she’s had so many abortions in the past year it’s sickening … Karmen has one child which has been taken away so many times due to her drug problem her child was actually given to her baby father’s wife for an entire year…. She has huge parties with her daughter in the same house as they all do large amounts of pepsi… Every native dude in forest lawn and dover have ran through her nasty ass who knows what kind of diseases she has… She sits at home on welfare smoking cigarettes and pot while she feeds her kid expired food from the food bank …. Her bf angelo has 4 kids he doesn’t even take care of and recently lost his license to enforcement ….Karmen and Angelo Gonzalez both are under investigation from child services for neglect of there child as well as drug usage… She sells her dirty vagina for money and it goes straight up her nose she needs a major intervention and have some morals set in her brain dead noggin …. Instead of spending her time at the tropical a bar in forest lawn she should seek professional help and give her child a real life without abuse and bad memories… Her father is a convicted child molester and she leave her poor child with him on a regular to go party and see her clients…. Her home is a mess garbage and liquor bottles everywhere as well as empty drug baggies … what kind of woman makes out with her friends and sisters at parties just for attention and free stuff? This pig does that’s a fact and if we’re anyone that’s been near that dark hole she calls a vag I would get to a clinic FAST ….

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