Sleaze bag Brett


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,  this disease ridden low life needs to be put on blast to let people know that the shit he is doing isn’t cool. his name is Brett haller. he is hands down the MOST disgusting person I have ever met. this 25 year old mommas boy lives with his mommy, lies, cheats, abuses his power & dates underaged females. ladies beware, if you don’t already know him consider yourself lucky!! trust me, you don’t want anything to do with this sleaze ball. he sleeps with multiple women, & loves to share his diseases with them. gross!

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

How Hot Is Madison


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, meet Madison. Her dream is to be a model, always eager to post her shoots via Instagram. Apparently in her early 20s (would guess 30 at least) yet clearly all botoxed up and lip filler galore. Maybe preparing to be the Joker for Halloween? Tattooed eyebrows, a face of cake, cheap fake eyelashes and contacts. Despite her clear desperation to be some type of model, in reality she is a bar star. A career bartender. Oh wait, I guess she is also a hairdresser (the given up on life career path). She likes to claim she is anything but basic, has one of the worst attitudes and a better-then-you delusion. You serve drinks. You are the peasant. Bye.

It’s always good to have dreams, especially nightmares… right Maddie.- nik

Extrodinare Witch of the West


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, look what just pulled up on her broom! Put a wart on the nose, chin and a black pointy hat then you’ve nailed it in more ways than one! Yes if it laughs sounds, smells and is as ugly as a witch it likely is a witch… hello! Janet Olala learks the dark corners of your local pub hoping for the offer of a glass of cheap wine or beer. She will cast her spell of promises of great sex gaurnteed on a daily basis (those lips and protein facials don’t lie) she then renders her victims balless to speak up for themselves after her poison is smeared. Her claim to fame is no man ever dumps her yikes! God forbid any beautiful intelligent woman cross her path her insecure ego can not handle it… so sad and pathetic really. Yes, she has a long list of followers; chainsmokers, gamblers, alcoholics, liars and cheaters alike that support her damaged insecure jealous daddy damaged ego. This piece of work doesn’t have children as she casterates any man that would even consider having a future with her but good thing if the the way she abandons and abuses her dogs it’s a good thing she doesn’t have children.

Adam Sarkozi – Car-Curbing Snake

faggit 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we’ve all met some real low lives in the world we live in, this infested goof is about as trashy they come. Got fired from every job he’s had, so what does this winner do? Opens up a “car scrapping business” as a front to curb cars and cheat his way out of paying taxes. This disease-infested neo-nazi has zero problem selling cars to people, that wouldn’t even come close to passing a safety test. Buy’s clunkers off cr**k heads in the SE and NE, and sells them to hard-working middle class, or puts them through an auction; actually laughed about selling a lemon to a single female last month; she probably was just trying to find a safe vehicle for her and her kids, but what can you expect from a classless coward piece of sh*t. Maybe if you didn’t spend so much cash on hookers and coke, (not even kidding a little bit) you would get a real job and contribute to society, versus f*cking everyone over and filling your pockets, all the while compensating for the baby dick, (you’ve seemingly always had and cry about) and baby nuts that over-use of steroids has produced. This shady goof is already reaping what he sows; he got his head caved in at cowboys for mouthing off cops, (and a criminal record to boot) last I heard can barely make ends meet, although he’s great at pretending.

Cherina Mueller is Spreading


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Cherina Mueller who is 31 is already posted up but the city should know that she gives drds to randoms and denies it fully. i know its disgusting and im completely disgusted myself. Her and my man(ex) swapped drds. She gave him ch***ia(which he gave me) and he gave her genital w***s virus. He was born with it sadly and yes i have the virus. She told me herself that she didn’t think its a big deal that she f’ed my man bareback haha. F’ em both they’re both disgusting. This slut needs some morals and needs to quit f’ing random taken men. Im sure her “ECE” career will love that this nasty bitch is their worker haha see ya next year hoe have a nice life. Btw settle down before you end up a lonely old slut with aids or something, you’re half way there lmao.

Old Brown Bag


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Charlotte Eatmon, this woman has done it all. She’s the best at everything you can think to name. She’s a red seal chef, and a gold seal chef at the same time, even though she can barely cook a burger. She’s a lifeguard, a masseuse, business owner and a business manager for 3 different restaurants in town!  When I first met this ugly sack I thought she was a man! If you know her, she’s lied to your face and like a coward she has stabbed your back! She says that she is happily married to a man in Ethiopia and the married part is true, nice guy too I talked to him on Facebook! But she sleeps around so much with dirty dealers and convicts. This woman has bragged about not having money to pay for her gas bills for 6 months! So…, no showering? She lives with her brother, who is a well known junkie and a burglar. She also has three big Rottweilers who I’m sure suffer from malnourishment and sexual abuse. They are locked In her house all day as she works two full time jobs, but wait. If she has 2 jobs…, why can’t she pay her bills? She’s too busy buying booze, drugs and playing VLTs. I know a guy who got roped Into helping her move something and he sat down on her couch for 5min. When he got up his back and his pants had dried up dog shit all over! Gross! He said her basement was half flooded and it smelled like piss and shit everywhere in the house. Probably from the dogs but I wouldn’t be so sure it was only them. This bitch even lied to her “best friends” face. If you play VLTs and see this bitch near you I bet she ask for cash, especially if you win so guard your sh*t!

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