Alicia Walsh of Chilliwack

Alicia Walsh of Chilliwack

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, hi ….Dirty just want to put this narcissistic cheater on blast. Her name is Alicia Walsh from Chilliwack BC. Cheated on her husband for years with her co-worker Kofi Davis. She loves africans and when she finally got caught, she then accused him of physical abuse over the years. She’s so dirty she will sleep with any black man around. She dosent give a sh*t about her kids clearly. She has 3 kids form 3 different baby daddies. Always leaves her kids with people to go party and get drunk. She uses all her friends, always talk sh*t about them evey chance she gets. So friends of Alicia Walsh, be aware. She’s the dirtiest floozy in Chilliwack. Black guys be aware. She’s a narcissist.

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  1. truthAugust 7, 2018 at 1:26 AM

    She is actually a great Mom despite her taste in Men. She will do anything in the world for them and loves them to the end of the world. Don’t buy into this bull story because it sounds juicy. She supported her ex for a long time and tried to make it work. Whatever bitter meaningless loser posted her story on the Dirty needs to take a long look at your life, refocus on whats important and then punch yourself in the face for being a DB. And to the window warriors trolling a genuine and nice person, your turn will be come when your face is on this exposing you for the a55hats you are; enjoy it It will likely be the pinnacle of your pathetic lives.

    • Dear friendsJanuary 4, 2019 at 6:00 AM

      People always remember 3 sides to a story her side ,his side and the truth . Now in saying that people that don’t know both of them should refrain them self from committing…I have lived around them and there is some truth to the story and as for Alicia’s friends that goes for all of you that commented on here …As for her husband none of you guys saw what he lived everyday …he’s no saint I’m telling you not much people would have put up with what he have endured and the people that lived around them and close to them knows what I’m talking about .

  2. Kofi and JamalMarch 29, 2018 at 1:05 AM

    ALICIA……. wow look at you go! Now i know not all your friends know what Kofi looks like. So everyone. Do a fb search Kofi Davis.
    The guy looks like Jamal. Bahaha. She tosses a mans life away, tears her daughter from her dad that had spent more time with together then u had with her. All for what??? Some older dude that looks like your husband but only with bigger bulging eyes. Shame on you Kofi… Shes a mutt!

  3. Alicia walshMarch 25, 2018 at 11:52 AM

    If funny to see how the tables have turned, you have always talked about us co-workers and how nasty we are for breaking up families. Well all I have to say is ..Welcome to the family your nasty just like the rest of us.

  4. Baby Oil for KofiMarch 20, 2018 at 2:03 AM

    Listen… I know Kofi, and if you all know him like i do Kofi is very obsessed with his looks. The only reason why he was even messing around with Alicia was because for years all he wud do is rub the top of her head down with baby oil.
    Throw her in doggy stlye and look at the reflection of himself from the top of of her bald spot. Gross.

  5. LMFAOMarch 14, 2018 at 7:40 PM

    Well lets face it. There are 2 sides to every story and lets be real here none of us are angels. (After all we are reading and commenting on the ‘The Dirty’)
    So anyway my contribution towards this whole messed up Situation is of Alicia’s posted picture. Whoever put up that picture of her couldnt have hated her that much, they did her a HUGE favor and cropped out the top of her head which is completely BALD!!!! Lol. You guys all know what im saying :) Thanks Nik i havent commented on this site for years. Alicia you suck!

  6. JJs GirlsJanuary 21, 2018 at 9:27 PM

    Hey Jamaal Joseph – how’s Barbados? How did you manage to get your ass deported again… was it because of your good behavior? Or maybe it was because you spend years in Canada as an illegal alien? I wonder how many of Alicia’s friends saw the ongoing evidence of your physical abuse throughout your relationship? I wonder if she managed to hide the bruises and cuts every time? I wonder if she managed to record any of mental and psychological abuse she received from you? Technology is an amazing thing. I wonder if she ever read the emails, text messages, etc. you were sending girls in PoCo, Vancouver, etc. Oh that’s right, you wouldn’t cheat, would you. You’re a fu**ing angel, right? Were you banging Charlene also? I wonder if anyone ever got wind of that?

    Alicia’s only issue is her horrible choices in men and clearly you are a prime example. Worthless lazy piece of crap who did nothing but leach off her and get fat sitting on the couch. Good riddance.

  7. Jamaal JosephJanuary 21, 2018 at 2:53 PM

    Hey Jamaal Joseph – you think nobody witnessed your physical and mental abuse of Alicia? You think you were arrested and deported back to Barbados for good behavior? You think nobody knows about the girls you were messing around with? Or saw your emails and text messages? You’re wrong. We saw the bruises & cuts from your abuse. We saw the emails. We know who you are. Were you sleeping with Charlene too?