Dirty Colby Eden

Dirty Colby Eden

THE DIRTY ARMY: Not only does this man fake tan and get laser hair removal on his body parts but he also goes round having sex with girls and spreading DRDs. My friend has been depressed ever since she lost her virginity to him and found out and he won’t even reply to her since he slept with her gave her an DRD then told her the next morning he wants to see other people. Lots of girls in this city have been talking about his antics it seems to be becoming city gossip. He’s constantly on tinder preying on new girls to sleep with him his profile never leaves. Out him for the pig he is so other girls don’t end up like my friend!

–Ladies be careful who you spread your legs for. $100 the bottom photo is his tinder profile pic



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  1. Colby MF EdenMay 18, 2018 at 10:17 PM

    Lmao I’ve never had an STD in my life so that’s impossible. The girl is just upset I slept with her then decided I wanted nothing to do with her so she put me on blast like an insecure women would do lol. On top of that I don’t need laser hair removal for nothing because I’m naturally sexy and hairless but thank you for that compliment! The only thing that is half true is that I fake and bake after a workout sometimes and I LOVE IT! Get a life. Peace out