Elicia Adams — Insecure Abusive Homewrecker

Elicia Adams — Insecure Abusive Homewrecker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Elicia Adams is a woman who likes to sleep with taken or married men (multiple that I know of) so she can feel better about the sloppy situation that is herself, both physically and mentally. She gets off in messing around in other peoples lives where she has no business, taking advantage of people who are vulnerable and going through hard times. This is just a reflection of the crazy and heartless person she is. She has lost custody of her daughter because she is an unfit mother with mental health issues and seems to be a complete idiot as well. Somehow she is willing to actually believe a taken man who says he is in an open relationship without first meeting the partner. If that isn’t gullibility I don’t know what is. However, this probably had little bearing on her decision anyway because it doesn’t matter if they are in an open relationship in her other liaisons with married men. This woman deserves every bad thing that happens to her plus some. She owns her own business in Abbotsford, EC Cleaning and advertises on the same place she picks up those men, craigslist. Such a quality classy lady right here people. So nice that she undercuts other women to make herself feel better. Also thinking that she knows everything and that gives her the right to fuck around with another woman’s man just because lying cheating man told her some line.


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  1. DAugust 23, 2018 at 4:24 PM

    I actually messaged her. I realized she was crazy within one conversation. Had insisted that I spend 24/7 with her without even meeting me face to face. I’m not surprised to see her on here.

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