Rhonda McMillan — High Mileage And Moving To Town

Rhonda McMillan — High Mileage And Moving To Town

THE DIRTY ARMY: Have you ever had a DRD? Well I hadn’t until I met this high mileage “beauty”. I use the term loosely of course… just like her pu55y. Her giving me an DRD wasn’t the worst thing to happen to me in my life, but having sex with her was. Ever gone down on a girl and tasted latex? That should have been my first clue to RUN. My second clue to run should have been when we were having sex and her kid was crying in the next room and she gets up butt naked to go into his room and yell at him. He is like 8 years old… he had to hear his mom getting nailed by me, then get yelled at by her in the nude!! How twisted is that. Then she comes back in and wants to keep going. I put my cloths on and tried to leave and the drunk b1tch wouldn’t let me. Well I finally broke free from her craziness and when I got tested a couple months later I had DRD. Thanks! Took some pills and it cleared up but the emotional damage has been done. Never again will I get involved with a slootty single mom.


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  1. TbagsSeptember 27, 2018 at 9:01 PM

    She looks really familiar, is she not from Port Moody ? I see this one walking around all the time! More info!