Brent Gradwell – Liar liar pants on fire!

Brent Gradwell – Liar liar pants on fire!

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Brent Gradwell pretends he’s sweet and genuine but he’s not! He lies at the tip of his tongue ladies! He’s short and chubby but thinks he’s all that! He’s a player and thinks he can get away with anything! I’ve dated him and caught him lying about other girls and he acts innocent but he’s a liar! You think someone like him wouldn’t do that since it’s hard for him to get a girl anyway. He’ll still be on dating sites even if he’s with you. he’s no prize. He’ll try to wine you and dine you cause that’s all he’s got and tells you He makes good money just to attract you. This guy is a total fake stay away!

— OP move on.  Obviously the dinners and money weren’t enough for you.

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  1. NoonecantouchmeJune 18, 2018 at 2:33 PM

    Yeah he’s a dirty b1tch

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