Crystal Shae lipsett, I’m a Barbie girl, in a mermaid world, my hair is so fake. My vag is so loose. 6 kids 5 baby daddies. I’m a rich Bitch

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Well well well… Let me introduce you to the fat bitch that got caught having her cake and eating it too. You see we were best of friends. Until she started cheating on her fiance for 4 months. After giving her first kid up for adoption and sucking too much on the crack pipe she lost all her teeth, found someone with thier teeth missing too and had 4 more kids. Baby daddies number 2 and 3. Just wait tho….do you know how she met fiance Brett .. but being an floozy…he paid for her to fly to bc to fuk then hot caught up with her and moved to Lethbridge. But guess what guys low and behold got knocked up by side guy baby daddy number 5, that she was cheating with. All the while pretending for months and months she was single but still living with fiance wearing her ring. You see, if you would like to actually know what happened i washed my hands clean of her using me to lie to fiance to be with side guy.. i gave side guy fiance’s number and the rest was up to them. The lies this girl created finally caught up with her when she left the pregnancy test in her drawer for fiance to find. Here’s the kicker guys. Brett her fiance got his balls snipped. Because why the fuck not right… why pro create with a lying cheating scum bag girl like her. But Crystal, oh no… She loves more babies because all she sees is dollar signs. So hey guys, if you wanna hit some nasty beef flaps get a girl pregnant so she can take your baby and money this is the girl to hit up. But be careful boys. Shell throw ya in jail if she doesn’t get her way. She’s done this 3 times and then got baby daddy number 5 thrown in jail too. So please run run far far away from this girl who will catch you, trap you, steal your cum, and throw you in jail!!! Cheers bitch

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  1. Oh myFebruary 22, 2019 at 2:44 PM

    Crystal has 5 baby daddies ? Wrong again . Should really get your facts straight