Crystal Shae — Mother of none, breeder of paychecks. Dirty Queen

Crystal Shae — Mother of none, breeder of paychecks. Dirty Queen

THE DIRTY ARMY:Oh hey Dirty folks….I would love to introduce to you someone who deserves to wear the crown of the dirty. This girl is a huge cheater, while living with her fiance she slept with I don’t know how many guys, paid and unpaid too. She was so broke after she blew her fiances settlement cheque from a car accident she had to go back to giving gummer’s for 10 bucks and finding greasy old men on the back page of lethbridge to pay for her smokes and perks. She hasn’t had to work a day in her life and went running to the welfare office to pay for her bills. Hunny, get your self a job like the rest of the world and stop havin the govt pay your way! So sad she lives of 3 out of 5 kids disability cheques. Someone should really inform the government about her little lies and deceit. Can’t wait till this all catches up with you hon. But seriously Dirty folks…stay away. Run far. Because she uses and abuses everyone in her payh when she doesn’t get her way.

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  1. Too funnyNovember 21, 2018 at 7:16 AM

    This chick is such a twisted pig,she had a 3 some with her son Aiden and his friend…just a despicable human being, sits on welfare and gets teenaged boys wanted so she can fuk them,but come on your own son ta pig

  2. WowwwwwwNovember 8, 2018 at 12:26 PM

    Harsh.. 3d post about this hooch.

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