Dallas Kayden Nicoll – meth head goof

Dallas Kayden Nicoll – meth head goof

THE DIRTY ARMY:  warning this guy is not only a cheater but he beats women and bailed on his kids for meth pepsi and whatever he can snort or smoke. hes know for banging girls as young as 13 and he is 19 he has drd and hep c from sharing needle and will make kids shoot up with him. he has everyone in town wanting to kick his ass. this guy even got with a great girl in return he beat her up more then once while she was pregnant, robbed her, had her jumped, tried to make her drink and do drugs while pregnant and even threated to molest her kids, hes a little b1tch that will call the cops on you for telling him to grow up. he beats his cat just for fun. he will use you for everything you have. he will use you for everything you have then when you have nothing beat you till you give him more. he is red flagged by child welfare and isn’t legally allowed near anyone under 16. he currently has meth dealers after him. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY YOU ARE NOT SAFE. he cares about no one. if you have slept with this guy please get checked. he is violent and dangerous.

— OP everyone is capable of change.  or at least picking it up off the ground.  


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