Janelle Dorothy Sammy Yellowhorn of Lethbridge

Janelle Dorothy Sammy Yellowhorn of Lethbridge

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Janelle Dorothy Sammy Yellowhorn is one of thee most conniving, deceitful women who plays the victim to get her way especially when it comes to her 2 daughters who are deprived of their fathers because they want nothing to do with this dirty scoundrel of a sham mother! She acts all innocent and plays the victim so well because of her messed up childhood of abuse and alleged sexual assault BUT she tends to stretch the truth so she can play the victim. Such a sad shame of a woman, if you can even call her that because she is so messed up that she can’t tell the difference from reality to fiction. She spreads lies like wildfire so she can sleep at night when everyone knows how she is! She has been stalking one of her baby daddies and forcing herself on him because she is so jealous of her baby dad’s new gf that she makes up lies of being in his life when all he wants is to escape her and her stalking ways. Jesus couldn’t help this floozy even if he tried lol GO ON WITH YOUR LIFE, YOU ARE A SAD HUMAN BEING HOPING FOR SOMETHING THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!


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  1. Eye h8 fakezApril 13, 2018 at 12:07 PM

    Poor jazzy can’t go on with her life! The only time her one bb daddy hollers at her is when he is in jail and she is stupid enough to put money in his account so he can play daddy to her bastards lmfao How pathetic is that??? Too pathetic if you ask any sane woman lol She makes rants about being abused by her ex Steve Fox but yet she posts about him any chance he gets to talk to her which is truly sad because in life people move on they don’t wait for their abusers to come back into their sad lives lol I highly doubt this hoe was ever sexually abused when she can allow one of her many abusers back into her pathetic life lol move on already jazzy and stop living in the past it’s not right it’s sad and pathetic lol

    • Eye h8 fakezApril 17, 2018 at 9:05 PM

      That is a sick b1tch! She definitely needs help! Too many baby daddies that can call this hoe a decent woman when she is far from it! My fantastic woman is Fiona not Janelle who is too easy for words lol what a bitch!!!