Jessica ladouceur — Money hungry bitch two face ladouceur

Jessica ladouceur — Money hungry bitch two face ladouceur

THE DIRTY ARMY: So this woman name Jessica ladouceur she lives in edson she is so fake everything about her is fake her boobs which she didn’t pay for her hair her eye lashes she keeps her ugly a55 BF around just for the money and goes out of her way to whore around edson while her BF is in camp leaves her kids with her mother while she’s in edson hours on end. she use to live in buffalo lake and slept around with so many men that’s why she moved out of buffalo lake. Ive been told by some she has a stinky pu55y Haha and her lips hang so low she does keelges “those weren’t my words ” that pu55y stank . . Like seriously put some out some baking soda on that snatch home remedie that shot hahah The first year she was with him she spend over 150,000 on nothing and put him in the hole no wonder why he drinks all day and spends no time with her because all she wants is money.

If she dosen’t get what she wants she brake shut around the house so he can replace it Jessica ladouceur is nothing but a two face bitch she is knocked up taking pills left and right and if she doesn’t have them she freaks out on her boyfriend and she kicks out her mother but her mother isnt any better her husband is in jail and she sends her welfare checks to people across the world and acts like she’s with her husband dirty old women 63 years old and trys her harder to act younger then her daughter ladouceur have nothing else better to do with there lives but talk about people. Jessica wouldn’t have anything if she didn’t meet a welder she would me living she is so ugly she has to edit her picture and get fake everything done to her next time your moneybags pays for something you should get your nose done because it’s so big like Pinocchio it grows so much from all your lies bounce bitch your just a waste of time

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  1. Anti Chug MachineAugust 12, 2018 at 2:53 PM

    This website is “The Dirty” not “The Rez” enough of the draws. We know every Ladoucer is a pig.

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