Kenzie anderson – The town M*th head

Kenzie anderson – The town M*th head

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik!. First off, this thing CHOSE M*th over her son! who does that??. She lies, and steals from her friends, then flat out denies it when shes caught. She steals carts full of shit from walmart to feed her drug habit. i used to call her a friend, then i got tired of her sh1t. she sleeps with whoever has drugs, even if she has a boyfriend. she will do ANYTHING for a 20$ bag (when shes not selling drugs) weird how she was in a house full of drug dealers when it got busted, and she was the only one who got a possession charge, while everyone else there got charged for trafficking (i smell a rat/informant). She b1tches and cries about how she doesnt qualify for AISH. what a sad girl, in her 30’s and has no ambition to do anything with her sad miserable life. i hope she doesnt get her kid back from her mom, he has a better shot without her. heres a life tip kenzie, calm down on the bronzer, and keep smoking shooting M*th ;)

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  1. KateMay 23, 2019 at 10:53 PM

    Stink b1tch

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