Melanie Buhler Hewitt — Melanie home wrecking slore walking DRD Buhler Hewitt

Melanie Buhler Hewitt — Melanie home wrecking slore walking DRD Buhler Hewitt

THE DIRTY ARMY: This home wrecking sloot has continued her trail of fuking married men!! She is a tramp and she is the going laugh at the local high school because she wrecks so many marriages in Sylvan Lake. She has no issue admitting there is nothing wrong with fuking married men and has a list of DRD’s including DRD . She is always on the prowl for married men and has a cvnt that stinks like fish. She photoshops herself to the max and has the fakest facebook profile pic ever. Her skin is like pitted acne and she is fat with cheeks that hangover. She has cellulite on her arms even yet skinnies herself up in pictures. Have a look through all the magazine editing she has done. She looks and sounds like a man. She even admits that once you swallow enough cum it gives you an acquired taste for it. She watches innocent little children at mighty owls daycare in Sylvan Lake, Alberta and doesn’t care she splits families up time and time again. She fuks married men and cheats on them at the same time. She is a slore to the core. Watch your penis it will be drd in one fuk. Ladies watch your husbands she is a master at lying and luring in married men. Single mom trash using and looking for men with money. She needs to leave Sylvan Lake and go ruin families elsewhere. Melanie you are a true definition of a home wrecking slore. Cottage cheese cvnt. Go smoke some more dope you ho!!! Your poor children having to live with all the married men in your home and watching you rip families apart. Get the fuk out of this beautiful town you sloot who has no moral.

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  1. PhillibongNovember 19, 2018 at 9:49 AM

    So your telling me there’s a chance