Michelle Moniz — Narcissist Moniz

Michelle Moniz — Narcissist Moniz

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This girlfriend of mine has crossed the line, I can no longer watch her do this to another guy. Especially what happened to her last boyfriend,
This guy was totally crushed, when I told him about her past he couldn’t believe it. The story starts with her first husband of 10yrs, a great guy that always worked had and loved his two kids. But what he found about his first born was their wasn’t even his, it was her fuk buddy from back home witch she continues to sleep with today. She was also sleeping with his best friend which was engaged and eventually moved back to Ontario. Obviously the marriage was on its way out….. she ended the marriage when she met this great guy who’s who is a career firefighter. They we’re together for two years, in my eyes a solid relationship, he cared and loved her and her two children.

I was always a little jealous that she had this beautiful man that adored her like he did. But not to long ago her 2 yr old had a brain tumour and this guy was her rock, she told me over and over how lucky she is to have him. So they ended up getting pregnant, things are good right? There starting a blended family, my good friend is pregnant and there finally moving in. Lol wrong……. she breaks up with this guy, she has an abortion and starts another relationship with another firefighter that she’s been sleeping with for 2yrs. It makes me sick to even think about the damage she’s done to these guys, so I contacted them both and told them. They were devastated but not surprised.
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