Sandra Gail Nelson — Money Hungry, Child Abuser , Man User, fraudulent,B1TCH.

Sandra Gail Nelson — Money Hungry, Child Abuser , Man User, fraudulent,B1TCH.

THE DIRTY ARMY: well where do i begin, this is a good one folks.sandi or her real name sandra and whichever name she chooses to go by that day… Sherstan, Letendre, Amyotte, Nelson, Blois , Masters, Crowe, will ruin your life, your kids lives, your families lives and your friends too. first the husbands boyfriends, whatever that she can latch to.will drain your bank account your life savings sh1t even your retirement fund if she can. shell convince you to marry her and not too long after youll be broke a55 and divorced livin wth your mama. but lets not forget 8 years later she still going to blame you and try to take your money . she plays the victim card so well anyone will believe her till SHE wants you not too. she will dispose of you when she feels its best for her, even if its her own kids. not only does she mentally abuse her children ven her adult children, she had physically abused them aswell, and now her grandchildren. but her kids and everyone round her is to scared to say aything because she will ruin their lives, lets talk about the debt shes caused her children. her eldest has so much debt from utility companies cell phone companies, shes tried to take out loans and credit cards when her kids were underage in their name. even a court will not help because its the kids mother. they cant prove that even underage we didnt give permission, her grandchildren. she has GUARDIANSHIP. she took her son to court for guardianship , and will blame him and say he doesnt do anything when she literally keeps his kids as a pawn to get money and whatever she wants. she also locks a 4 year old in his room for 12 or more hours with no water no food. she drags them roughly when they dont listen, flicks smacks their mouths if they cry too long etc. its horrible and all this time she gets away with it. shes costantly causing drama causing her kids stress and poor mental health. im shocked her eldest isnt in a mental institution, hocked any of her kids arent in a mental instutution how can they survive survive when their mother keeps disposing of them at her convinence. i could go on forever. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CRAZY C-V-N-T

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  1. cherSeptember 8, 2018 at 10:37 PM

    hey there,
    this women Sandi took a deposit for a wedding catering job for my friend and then cancelled 9 days before the wedding and now wont give the deposit back. if you have any information on her , hopefully an address then i would sure appreciate the help.

  2. NobodySeptember 2, 2018 at 12:47 AM

    Not that it would make any difference–bad lighting and no makeup. But I do like the hat.