Slooty Trudy Enns

Slooty Trudy Enns

THE DIRTY ARMY: Someone please expose her!!! Where do I start… this girl at the age of 20 has been with 23+ people, has been caught giving out DRDs for 2 years now.. it’s like it just never leaves her body I’d know she gave it TO me. She has sex with married men, sleeps with peoples brothers, boyfriends and uncles, destroys friendships cause she’s so condescending and cunty not to mention lies to everyone she meets she will betray you steal from you and probably get you hooked on pills or molly since that is ‘fun’ to this little girl. IF using lying and cheating is considered a real relationship that’s what I got out of this girl. This girl is a closet sloot to the max and has no respect for herself or others. She usually drives drunk with friends in her vehicle on the weekends not giving a fuck about anyone else but herself… this girl needs to be shot down for who she really is. A lying sneaky cheating sloot.

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  1. PurpleTSeptember 1, 2018 at 8:54 AM

    Woowwwww, pathetic. I must really be on someone mind for them to go write something like this about me. Since you know me so very well, you have seemed to get all the facts wrong. I can share the right facts for you if you do desire, so why take the time to post this? Someone just hurt because I made a choice to better myself ?