Steph Marie — Warning – skank h0e that does dope , cheats and beats her kid

Steph Marie — Warning – skank h0e that does dope , cheats and beats her kid

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ewwww where do I begin ? This is Steph Lacoste . Also going by Steph Marie on Facebook . She’s been posted on this site a couple times. Guess the heat got to her and she changed her name on Facebook hahahahaha . Trying to hide . She has had so many relationships in the past year . Jumping from d1ck to d1ck . Already 10 that I know of . There’s probably more . She is a huge cheater . She’s on tinder , plenty of fish , zoosk , badoo dating sites . She is a drug addict and works with special needs people in Lethbridge Alberta . She has a young daughter that she screams at and hits all the time . It’s really sad . Her daughter sees Steph drinking and doing drugs all the time. And sees all the guys that come in and out of Steph’s life . It’s disgusting . This ratchet woman gave 2 guys drds . So watch out , double wrap it if you’re going to hit that beat up , drd infested pu55y

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  1. Mooching runs in the familyFebruary 11, 2019 at 2:59 PM

    Steph how’s your deadbeat mom and fat ass stepdad doing these days ? How about your retarded brother ? How’s he doing ? Pretty sad that your mom and stepdad keep getting evicted from rental to rental because they are bums ! Using their retarded son’s AISH cheque to survive on ! Bunch of leeches . Now I know where you learned your behaviors from . Pretty sad . Hahaha embarrassment ! Like mother like daughter . A family of scrubs

  2. LethbridgeJanuary 10, 2019 at 5:56 PM

    Hey I know this chick ! She is making sex tapes with her daughter Ava Marie Chartrand and her new child molesting boyfriend Brad Gray . Steph is a horrible mother . Let’s a child molester make sex tapes with Ava and Steph . Like who does that ? Sick disgusting pig , that’s who . Steph’s boyfriend Brad Gray is a sexual predator just released on parole last December . Brad Gray previously molested his own children Joely and Bradley . He is not allowed to legally see his own children . Baby mama #2 made sure to get a restraining order as soon as he got released that states he’s not allowed to see his children or attend their school . Brad’s own children laugh at him everytime he goes to jail . They just think that Brad is a fall down clown . He has babies with girls and then never helps raise them or support them . Just a dumb tool . Knows how to stick it in , doesn’t know how to be a man and raise his kids. Go figure. Now Steph is a special case as well . She is what you would call “Miss popular around the neighborhood” . She spreads her legs for ANY guy . She tried to trap a guy with a pregnancy last December that worked on the rigs . She kept telling her friends that he would be her meal ticket . She faked the whole thing ! Buddy found out and dumped her on the spot . She’s had multiple abortions , cheats on every guy she’s with and lies about it . She doesn’t even have the balls to come clean even after there’s text after text of her caught in her cheating ways . You are so desperate . And let’s not forget jealous . How’s that pregnancy coming Steph ?? LMAO . Oh did I hit a nerve ? Yeah I know . You were never pregnant

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