Susanna Orquez — Dirty Dangles Done Dirt Cheap

Susanna Orquez — Dirty Dangles Done Dirt Cheap

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce you to Susanna Orquez, the Dirty Dangles Queen of 7 Eleven in Sherwood Park. She is always whining about how she is so broke because she sends money back to her kids in the Philippines, yet they are both here in Canada (I’ve met them both many times). Her and her husband work full time. Yet she’s still always begging people for money to support her drug habit that she tries to keep secret from everyone. the $htty yellow teeth and white around her nose give it away. She steals money from the till at work all the time, but is never fired for it because she lets her boss give her the Dirty Dangles in the back of the carwash. (But he is a whole other blast for another day.) she steals products from the store, and never cleans the coffee station, just look for the moldy creamer splashes and the 7 hour old coffee.. yum yum. This dirty dangling rat thinks that she can read peoples minds and is just hot $h!t, but really she can barely string a sentence together in English and even failed her citizen ship test. Stupid [email protected] didn’t study at all, she thinks we have a president ffs. doesn’t know the first thing about Canada even though she’s lived here for years and tries to milk the government for every penny she can get with her lies and whining. She is always hitting on men AND women at work telling them how sexy they are, and always trying to reach out and touch their arms and get super close to them. Really its just creepy and pathetic. she is always trying to touch the children too, and I’ve seen more than one child shy away from her when she tries to hug them. She doesn’t even know these kids and she thinks its ok to hug them and tell the parents how gorgeous the kid is. talk about pedophile behaviors. Don’t let this DRD infested scum near your kids. Her poor husband has no idea about any of this, but if he did I doubt he’d have the spine to say anything to her as she would just open her loud a$$ mouth and scream that he is treating her unfairly and being mean. Which is her go-to complaint any time someone says anything bad about her, but she badmouths EVERYONE as soon as they walk away. I even got to over hear her talking about an open police investigation with customers Beware of the 7 Eleven by the mall in Sherwood park, if you go there you’ll be harassed by the Dirty Dangling D.R.D infested sewer rat with no brains or morals to speak of. cover your Dangles Boys.

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  1. CustomerAugust 31, 2018 at 4:59 PM

    Actually stoped going to the esso in sherwood park off brentwood for gas an coffee because this bat tryed over charging me for gas and coffee by 40 bucks on debit watch your debit transactions around this lady she made a big fuss called her boss and everything I got my money back but it wasent easy managers an idiot.

  2. Double Double TroublesAugust 18, 2018 at 5:29 PM

    Susana is as usless as they come this blast is spot on. If you come across this greasy life form hide your valubles and keep her out of your home. Same experiences here in millwoods Edmonton. She needs to go, home. While she worked for us it was NUT in BUTT problems for us. Theft,lies and drama can be expected. ERDZ leave shes never going to change.

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