Incest Cousins Watch Out For This Nasty Pig — Danielle Primeau

Incest Cousins Watch Out For This Nasty Pig — Danielle Primeau

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik this disgusting pig is Danielle she uses guys to get what she wants moves herself in and takes right over. She will put you in debt try to fuk your family (even her own at times) she calls herself a princess says she needs high end things when shes a poor cvnt that leaches off guys. she goes around bragging that she takes it in the a55 from her cousin and that her dad screwed her cousin shes fuked in the head. She does midnight moves and cheats on anyone shes with watch your stuff and protect you family keep her far from anyone you care about. She fuked her cousins boyfriend and when her husband found out she cried rape even tho this guy had nudes of her sent to him by her shes a lieing cheating piece of trash and people should be warned. Im sure this wont be the first or last time you hear about her. Danielle Primeau is back in town and at it again. She had been with one man for 5 years marriage for 3. And she has been cheating on him pretty much for 2 years now! She has no respect for nothing and goes! She is always on her phone and it’s never down if you notice and that’s all the is doing. She had already found her new bf to leave a husband who made sure she had it all to nothing at all. And we have proof she is already fishing again! She works at superstore night shift, never uses condoms, and the count is 44 she has done the dirty with! Never loyal or faithful. She is extremely sneaky and will use and drag someone around when she will need some backup store! Watch your mans phones and who he’s around! She is gonna strike again

M–I like that Danielle plans ahead

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  1. ManJanuary 8, 2019 at 5:55 PM

    haha typical Primeau. skanks.