Anna Asoian/ Hunter. Another kardashian wanabe

Anna Asoian/ Hunter. Another kardashian wanabe

THE DIRTY ARMY: Welcome to one hell spawn of a human being. This woman doesn’t have an honest or caring bone in her body. Divorced, obviously, she was never faithful to her ex husband from the moment they were together. Poor guy. She cheated on him with many guys throughout their entire marriage. She has two kids now with her ex, guess who was still out sleeping around during the time she was trying to get pregnant and while she was pregnant. Few of them were Co workers from once upon a time when she used to work, as opposed to laying in bed all day while her husband worked his ass off supporting her and two kids as she’s done since then. Even when her husbands mother passed away guess who’s out sleeping around. Before he left her she made ure to check that she’s still entitled to half of all his and his mother’s money. This vile human being has no care in the world for anyone but herself. She talks shit behind all her friends back telling very personal information. Even talking shit about her younger sister for also cheating on her fiance, while she’s doing the same thing. She loves to talk shit about anyone for whatever reason. If you’re out and about wearing anything her fat ass can’t fit into she’s probably judging you. Calling them slores and sloots without ever looking in the mirror. Probably a good thing she doesn’t though. She has an ass for a chin, massive nose, and hair everywhere. She literally shaves her arms. Now she apparently runs her own “buisness” according to her running one of those work from home and sell our crappy sh1t to your friends kind of things. She also married her cousin before she married her ex, to help him sneek into the country illegally. Model citizen here folks. Stay away from this one… the curtains flap when the wind blows.

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  1. KelsApril 4, 2019 at 4:05 PM

    I remember the boys passing you around in high school. Nasty. Back then we’d do anything for a nut.

  2. RyanSeptember 26, 2018 at 2:47 PM

    Was wondering when this one would pop up on here. Dead fish in bed but her legs are always open. Kinda knew her story was bs but hey, shes easy

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