Calgary beware of this floozy Kailey Oram

Calgary beware of this floozy Kailey Oram

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let’s just start off by saying Kailey is the dirtiest girl I’ve ever met. She’s slept with over 50 guys and still going strong. She doesn’t even deny it! she’s gotten the [redacted] more times than you can count too. Definitely beware of this girl.. she also has a boyfriend who she likes to cheat on all the time and then act like a psycho bich accusing him of cheating. She controls his life when she goes off opening her legs more than an elevator door opens. She thinks she so hot but in reality she’s dirty and easy. Seriously Calgary Beware !! But if you want a free ride, catch her at cowboys !

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  1. Atomic blondeApril 4, 2018 at 8:56 AM

    She look a like a man

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