Candace Medal Calgarys cracked out hoe and thief

Candace Medal Calgarys cracked out hoe and thief

THE DIRTY ARMY: Candace Medal is a seriously cracked out sex trafficking hoe, this chick will do anything for money. Shes calgarys biggest crack hoe and her teeth are unbelievable dirty from all the crack. She was selling some drugs from her house in Bridgeland area of calgary. She most recently changed her name on facebook to Lynn Med, but before that she want by the name Candace Medalski. Shes been running a online scam posting random items for sale on kijiji and then selling fradulent stuff. Shes very obese and tried to rip my friend off when he wouldnt loan her some money. She said it was for food but then instead went and bought crack, my friend found her all cracked out on the floor of her house with mcdonalds wrappers and fries around her, her pants were down to her ankles. It was thee nastiest image in my head to date. Someone help her, she has kids.

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  1. BermudacourtJuly 5, 2019 at 9:16 AM

    This girl is a real winner. Scam artist who trys to run a dayhome while being an floozy. Shes doesnt even watch the kids. I was tested positive of drds after seeing this girl
    Heres her current floozy page-

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