Carlos Kaschel of Calgary

Carlos Kaschel of Calgary

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ‘man’ Carlos Kaschel is a compulsive liar and cheater. His guilty pleasure is preying on anything with two legs and a vagina, telling them he is going to give them the world, how much he understands the single parent life, and how he was raised by a single Mom, and is going to be in their life forever. He seemed so perfect and he made the effort to take care of and be a part of the child’s life. Leading up to the end of his last relationship, it became known that his new favourite hobby is sleeping with women in parking lot before he goes to his girlfriend’s house and helps with the daily family routine. While with his recently ex-girlfriend, he would tell her how he wanted to adopt her children, marry her, and move them all to a completely different city, all while talking to dozens of other women. He is on steroids and thinks he is the biggest guy around and super scary because of the feathers tattooed onto his neck. His ego has engulfed all common sense inside his brain, which leads him to believe he is entitled to sleep with as many women as he pleases with no repercussions. If you like men like this, then go ahead and be woman No. 28 of this month.

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  1. Napalm1712October 19, 2017 at 2:23 PM

    This doesn’t surprise me that he landed here as emotional games and well rehearsed lines of lies are his pleasure. Plays a victim to get empathy, makes you believe he is so true real and genuine. When he will just play games, seduce multiple women on the side, pop molly, and betray your trust. You know he’s lying as soon as he says I’ll be straight up honest here’s the truth, eaahh nope. Very convincing man you will fall for but his ego is huge and to superficial. Sad truth once the reality finally comes around.