Carolyn Garret — Intentional Homewrecker

Carolyn Garret — Intentional Homewrecker

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This is Carolyn Garrett, a 33 year old women who loves to destroy families. She was interning as a geologist by Veteran Ab this July when she threw herself at my husband who was working on the rig. He told her he was happily married with two young kids from day one. She paraded around the rig in short shorts and just ‘happened to run into him’ throughout the next day finally convincing him to give her his number to play golf/be friends. He showed her lots of pics of his beautiful family but despite this she started texting him nude photos. Obviously he should have put a stop to it that moment but he started to feel trapped by her manipulative ways and through fear of his family finding out and losing everything. She convinced him to come talk in her work shack that was on the rig location and it was here that she seduced him and pulled out a condom. He went soft shortly into it from overwhelming guilt and left. She continued propositioning him, trying to get him to visit her after work and on her days off. He talked constantly about how she would never compare to me on any level and this would upset her but the next day she’d be back with a smile on her face. It became a competition for her and she was desperate to win. When I found out he told me everything like a flood gate of grief, shame and relief had been opened. He had wanted it to stop but didn’t know how to tell me knowing he had hurt our family so badly. He called her to say it was over and that she was the biggest mistake of his life and that he never wanted to see her again ever. She was so mad! She said ‘what!!?? Are you f&cking kidding me!?! So your not coming to Calgary to see me!?!? ” he just said no and hung up. She proceeded to text him “F$CK YOU” he changed his number and we’ve never heard from her since, thank god. He said it was freaky how she did such a complete 180 as soon as she lost control of him. She is a manipulative, evil person and beware because she has done this before. In Nelson BC she ‘helped’ one of her ‘best friends who she loved deeply’ by allowing her partner to move in because he was having problems with alcohol addiction and didn’t want to be around his young daughter. This women discovered that Carolyn had started sleeping with her partner. It is an ugly story and if you want to read more it is all online at [redacted] Carolyn Garrett/Philip Parisi. Phillip actually committed suicide July 1/17, and many people are in the opinion that Carolyn was the poison to the whole situation. The creepiest thing is that she seduced my husband practically on the anniversary of Phil’s death. She harbors a lot of guilt about Phils suicide according to my husband but for what reason? Supposedly she was out with another man boating the night he commuted suicide. He called her and later hung himself. Evil energy follows her because she feeds off it and creates it. Hopefully Karma catches up to her soon before she can target another unsuspecting family. Learn some respect, morals and find a conscience Carolyn. You are so sad and I don’t think anyone will ever truly love you and your screwed up mind!!!!!

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  1. TrutbspeakerOctober 31, 2018 at 8:10 AM

    Yo why are you posting her was she a friend or family of yours? Cause he’s the one that betrayed you not her she didn’t do you wrong he did so post that cheating pig and grow up

  2. YourlifeisfunnyashellOctober 7, 2018 at 10:37 PM

    Youre a special kind of stupid if you dont think your hubby was chasing that tail around location and town or camp .. get a clue lmao

    • Wake up CarolynOctober 13, 2018 at 2:24 PM

      Just accept it Carolyn, you are useless, manipulative, and unattractive inside and out. Keep telling yourself he wanted you so badly. Just like the other married rig hand you banged a few months before who managed to escape your talons too. They tossed you because they woke up and saw your true colours. The oil patch world is much smaller than you could even imagine. Trust me you already have a reputation and your dad as a consultant knows all about it, if he’s told you or not. You’re disgusting. Here’s some advice… you will get exactly what’s coming to you if you keep digging your own hole the way you have been. Stop acting like a child, peoples lives are not a game for you to play with and manipulate. You need help and honestly need to look yourself in the eyes and realize your actions are not acceptable or right.

  3. [email protected] looks like a trannySeptember 29, 2018 at 11:23 PM

    This chick looks like a dude, just sayin’