Why I am a Douche Bag – Christopher Dunne

Why I am a Douche Bag – Christopher Dunne

THE DIRTY ARMY:  I wanted to come clean about what a douche nozzle I truly am. Yes, I Christopher Hugh Dunne am a complete sleaze bag. I steal and live off women, pretend to be an architect when I have zero credentials and I am not sure if I even went to post-secondary for my first degree. I am an only child my parents really spoiled me, I got everything I wanted. My companies Urban Art Design and Katalyst Architectural Concepts are frauds – I owe taxes. I haven’t even paid taxes in over 2 years. I love stealing and getting away with

it. I’m a 53-year-old man with 2 children, a pile of debt, over $100,000 in addition to 2 mortgages that I share with my ex-wife who is trying to divorce me. I won’t let her divorce me because I want her to share in all debt I have racked up and lied about to everyone about. I tell everyone it’s my ex-wife who racked up all the debt. I am the responsible one but I am a really a loser. I can’t even pay bills because I don’t have a bank account. I can’t support my 2 kids so I live off women that I meet, move in with them, drink non-stop. I like to beat up women as well, it keeps them in-line. My last ex-girlfriend was quite small, she was very easy to throw around. She pissed me off when she called the police one night – but I beat her another time. I hate my kids, I never wanted kids, they infringe on my life and activities. I told my ex-girlfriend that all the time. My ex-wife made us have our daughter and purposely got pregnant with our son. I really became a loser after my son was born. I managed to turn my ex-wife against all my ex-girlfriends by pitting them against one another and telling lies. I also told my ex-wife blatant lies like one was an alcoholic, she wasn’t really I was the alcoholic. I enjoy driving my kids around drunk and not getting caught. I didn’t even have insurance on my car – a 14 year old BMW X5 that I thought was such a great car – I couldn’t even give it away. Did I mention I am a habitual cheater? I cheated on my wife multiple times and ALL my girlfriends. I don’t like to work either, I steal money from people by embezzling – that isn’t wrong. It’s making a living to support my kids and my drinking habit. People are so dumb they will believe anything. When I get found out I turn on them – tell them it’s their fault and demand my money. I want everyone to know I am a thief, and to watch out for me. Ladies, I will try and charm your bank card from you – steal your credit card, borrow your car, get you to watch my kids because I am a deadbeat. My stupid ex-wife will still be in the picture but I’ll get her to harass you instead of me by telling manipulative lies. Did I mention I am also a narcissistic psychopath?

— OP you mentioned more than enough.  


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  1. trashJune 22, 2018 at 6:38 PM

    so true… also a child molester, has a thing for 4 year old boys

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