Craig Sherley, Calgary – Narcissistic Misogynist

Craig Sherley, Calgary – Narcissistic Misogynist

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy Craig Sherley makes Trump look like a amateur narcissistic misogynist. If you want everything to be about this guy and no one else (including his own family), he’s your man (or should I say child). Don’t say you weren’t ever warned.

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  1. The UnbrokenJune 4, 2019 at 2:40 PM

    Craig Sherley thinks he is god’s gift to women, when in reality his shortcomings leave a whole lot to be desired. First he comes across as charming and charismatic, but once you get to know him (which doesn’t take long for how shallow his personality is) you’ll soon realize this guy is all talk. With the flip of a switch he’ll turn a full 180 on you and release his dark side on anyone who has a difference of opinion. Oh and beware, if you correct him he will argue his falsities into the ground just to be the last one talking. You know what they say – can’t argue with stupid. If you are a women, and a smart woman at that just don’t even engage in a conversation with him. He doesn’t like women who speak their minds or stand up for themselves. He is belittling and condescending. This man is the definition of narcissist. Ladies beware.