You can change your name but your still the same loser – Dani Duque

You can change your name but your still the same loser – Dani Duque

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This retardo is already on here with his real name but ladies don’t be fooled, he will also introduce himself as Danny or Roland….hes the same loser. He probably changed his name on social media to save his reputation, after all he is a 40 year deadbeat dad who cheats/uses everyone that is his in his life. Now what’s hilarious is he is posting ads on Kijiji looking for a “dancing partner” leading into a relationship. Girls, run in the other direction! These ads are being posted because he’s most likely passed on his DRDS to others. This is his last resort ha! Although if you take a look through the fb friends list, there are plenty of hoes on there. Wonder what his kids think?

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  1. And the truth shall set you FREESeptember 7, 2018 at 12:37 PM

    Ladies, let me give you the 411 on this ultimate loser/user/worst human on the planet

    1. The first thing the new lady will hear about is that “someone” is stalking him and harrassing him and he is such a victim someone is out to get him, blah blah blah…. no loser, no one is stalking you, get over yourself!

    2. He’s sooooo smart! has so many degrees, but yet cant hold a steady job and blames our economy…playing the victim yet again. Maybe your so called degrees arent getting you anywhere cause you are as stupid as everyone says and no one wants to hire a molestor

    3. He’s such a incredible dad! Seriously? who abandons their four children to “start a life” in a totally different place. A deadbeat, thats who! Those poor children and lucky for his wife who made the smart decision to get the hell away from him as she probably found out he’s a compulsive liar/cheater and has been since the day she met him. Oh but ladies, you will hear a different version… the victims version.

    This guy is major trouble, he finds women who don’t feel great about themselves, gets right in there and makes them feel so good and in turn think he’s the most amazing guy, all while he uses you for any value that you have and then without so much as a goodbye, he’s gone. Please ladies, don’t become the prey to this man. there is no worse human on this earth than Rolando Dani Duque.

  2. PaigeJune 17, 2018 at 7:24 PM

    How was fathers day all by yourself??? hahahahaha you get what you deserve. Continue being a LIAR A CHEAT A USER. Karma is a b1tch will come back and get ya!