Drunk Vincent Jessie Drewin

Drunk Vincent Jessie Drewin

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy Vincent Jessie Drewin is about as bad as they come He’s a registered sex offender. He beats women. He left a mark on a pregnant woman. He’s raped a girl cause she wouldn’t give it up to him when he wanted it and he’s denied it all. He took money from me and refuses to pay it back. But when it comes to money being owed to him, he wants it ASAP and will harass you for it more than daily.

He wants things done his way and if it’s not he gets super mad and starts acting like a child. He’s 30 years old and acts like he’s 12. He has a drinking problem. When I used to live with him, he would be drinking as early as 10am. He never has anything good to say. All he does is complain about everything he possibly can. He claims to have sensitive ears, but yet, he will go screaming for no reason.

He has a little girlfriend named Victoria and she’s just as bad as he is. They both talk big, but when it comes to acting on their words, they can’t. They run and hide. Vincent will hide behind people because he can’t handle doing things on his own. He is the most immature male I have ever met. He tries to play off like he’s a good guy, but in reality, he’s not.

I lived with him over a year and it was the worst year of my life! He always wants things done his way and if you’re not quiet as a mouse around him, he gets mad and slams doors. He doesn’t know how to handle situations he’s put himself into. He put me and my pregnant wife on the street just about.

Everyone that I have encountered that knows him has never had anything good to say about him. It’s always been negative things they have said about him. He needs a reality check and he’s one that all ladies should stay far away from and one that he needs to get the sh*t kicked out of him. If anyone can get the 350$ that he owes me contact me through the comments.

And he’s racist towards Mexicans in this image.- nik


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  1. Vincent DrewinOctober 11, 2017 at 8:52 AM

    My old roommate post this when it’s not true I would like it to be remove & how can I remove it plz contact me at your earliest convenience thanks

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