Dustin Rivoire — Beware of this midget thieving con artist

Dustin Rivoire — Beware of this midget thieving con artist

THE DIRTY ARMY: This disgusting inbred piece of meth head sh1t is the worst thief in the city. Beware everyone of this con artist thieving scumbag. He barely leaves his house, the only reason he does is to steal. He works in a team with his huge fat husband fuking slore friend Robin who drives him around for free food to the places he steals from being grocery stores and liquor stores. His crackhead ugly as sin girlfriend Sarah Brash works as a cover buying a small amount of stuff while this ugly 5 foot nothing little troll goes around filling his pockets like the scumbag thieving dog he is. This con artist thief will steal anything he can get his disgusting little hands on. Hell pretend hes a friend just to get close and steal whatever he can from you. Everyone beware of this disgusting piece of sh1t.


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  1. BummerNovember 11, 2018 at 10:30 PM

    Seems like you’re butthurt.
    Dustys’ a nice guy.

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