Fake As Hell

Fake As Hell

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Chaz Smith. Chaz is a pitiful homo who runs (stole) a page called bethechangeyyc. The group started in March, 2016 after Chaz and his ex friend were exiled from the local Anonymous community. The reason for Chaz: trying to “hijack ops” – referring to how he tried to wiggle his way into what has now become YYC Helping Homeless. His friend chose to leave when they stuck up for Chaz and vouched for him. He and his friend started bethechangeyyc after the 2015/2016 #OpSafeWinter. His friend had the idea, came up with the name, got sponsors and donations and made Chaz “co-founder.”

His friend was the brain, Chaz was the doer. His friend was hospitalized for a week and when they came out. they found that Chaz had gone and changed everything and made a vote without this friend. So, after a falling out, the friend asked Chaz Smith to part from the group, Chaz threatened to drop all of the donations off at a downtown corner, sabotage ties with the sponsor, and take the great group of supporters down. And bethechangeyyc was to be random acts of kindness, various types, not “just another helping homeless group.” they were supposed to be the change.

So, the page ended up in the hands of Chaz, but since March 2016, the group still has just less than 10 volunteers per week, the page on Facebook has thousands of likes-gained by link exchanges and pay-per-click rotation websites like followlike. Feel free to look at the posts and note a couple things: first, the names and locations are NOT from Calgary.What does Ali Mumohammad from Durkastan have to do with this group.. Right, earning credits to exchange THEIR OWN links, so even though the fraud has thousands of likes, its not SUPPORT and most of the “support” are Chaz’s friend’s or new people who truly enjoy helping people but don’t get involved with bethechangeyyc long-term.

Another thing you’ll see are some of the pages sharing the page/post are admined by Chaz sharing bethechangeyyc posts, then Chaz under bethechangeyyc goes and thanks his own page (himself) lol. He claims to be “Anonymous,” but every chance he gets, he’s taking pictures and boasting. It’s more about Chaz playing street outreach worker in his delusion than to really help the homeless. He even had someone take professional (or pretty damn great) pictures of one of the weekly events- in most were CHAZ. People who help and have true hearts don’t do it for the social media validation, I mean, how shallow does a person have to be to pretend to be a street outreach worker to get their picture on Facebook? What, does he want a pat on the back? A gold star?

Then, whenever he sees police, he runs up and tries to get pictures because “it looks good.” No, when trying to build bonds with transient people who may have warrants or other reasons to avoid police, don’t be chummy with the cops. The blue line is thin and so is the “street code” line… Why do you need to impress the police EVERY time? I can understand a few kiss asses. but a year and a half later?! No, that treads on bootlicking ;)

And, as a heavy drug user and drinker, Chaz has mood stability and impulse control issues. That donation you made, might have gone to…not the intended uses… So, although I know this isn’t the BBB, everyone should be aware of this snake Chaz Smith and DO NOT #DONATE TO #BETHECHANGEYYC! They’re FAKE AS HELL!


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  1. WowNovember 24, 2017 at 12:25 PM

    Wow. “Starts to clap” I could argue all of these points. First chaz does all of his finances online to show everyone where the money that is donated goes to. Including the receipts. The bethechangeyyc was built by many people, not just one person. No one was the leader of this group, a group of friends got together and made it. The person trying to take over he group who was not chaz was mentally unstable. AKA why they were in the hospital. We take pictures every event so we can share them so maybe other people will donate or come volunteer which has been the case for my friends and family. Also chaz takes pictures with the police to force them to stop making homeless people and homeless events invisible. He is basically saying “hey here is our homeless group, we are actually making a difference, stop making these people invisible”. Especially when these cops kick the homeless of the street or put them in jail when “upper class events” come into town like stampede. And for the heavy drugs and drinking, what??? Like why else are you going to makeup. This post is just made by someone who is completely unstrurdy and angry that they cannot be in control of a whole group. Chaz and the team make a effort together, make decisions together, and work together to make those who feel invisible, visible. Stop sharing your hate, and share more love.