Health Alert~100% CHANCE OF FLOOZY

Health Alert~100% CHANCE OF FLOOZY

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Jayna Pattison: Health Alert! This post is intended to serve as a health alert for any unknowing men that have either crossed paths with Jayna Pattison or who know’s someone who has or has initially been contacted by her via online dating sites,TINDER,PLENTY OF FISH,MATCH.COM.If you come across her on an online dating site her user name isn’t Jayna.She uses a fake name and then discloses her real afterward.She will tell you how abusive her past 20 year marriage was to a raging alcoholic and how he mentally and verbally abused her.She will also tell you about the 2 instances that she cheated on her husband,once with a co-worker in the work place(in an office) and secondly with a massage therapist by the name of Greg who worked out of the Beddington massage clinic in which they had sex in the room at his place of work.(breaking rules of etiqiutte)Jayna would later go on to start dating multiple men at the same time,having sex with multiple men at the same time.One man that she was seeing who happened to have genuine feelings for her and was wanting a relationship with her viewed an incoming text message on her phone from one of the guys she had just had sex with prior to going to his house,citing it was the best [email protected] he had ever had(it was the massage therapist again)Jayna will tell you she wants to be treated like a priority,that she is tired of being used just for sex and that she wants a functioning relationship and naturally men will jump thru the hoops to make her feel special and give her that dating experience that all the other men “seemingly” couldn’t yet all the while when you are trying to call her or text her and there are big gaps in time where she won’t reply,it’s because she is in the midst of being sexual with another and another.She is incredibly reckless in her behaviour,isn’t practicing safe sexual practices,and the real issue at hand underneath all of this is that she is a Naracist.She will make everything about her and as soon as you start to catch on to her rouse and you want to talk to her about her behaviour she will turn it around on you hence the term “gas lighting” and she will shut you out all the while she is making her move to the next guy,and the next guy.This post is to serve as a health alert sexually as she will tell you that she has had a histerectamy and that she can’t get any STD’s and STI’s which is untrue and she poses a major health concern for any unknowing man thinking he just found his sex bomb of a girlfriend.This post is also meant to serve as a health alert because of all the mind games that she play’s,telling you one thing when she means another and she has no problem disclosing her sexual adventures with other men.She works for an oil and gas company downtown in Calgary(Sinopec Daylight Energy Ltd.) and likes to advertise just how much she is making.She also is a clear cut above the social drinker status that she claims she is and there are strong indications that she may use narcotics which would further explain her reckless behaviour.She is confrontational both verbally and physically as she has no problem throwing punches to try and incite a reaction from you.If your tolerance is high for bat [email protected]#T crazy then she will be your cup of tea,but i’d be checking in with your family physician and getting checked for multiple diseases if anyone has been with her sexually.

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  1. Good SamaritanApril 22, 2018 at 11:48 AM

    She is my neighbour and let tell me you there are no shortage of men coming and going from her house.Sometimes i see multiple men in the course of a day at all times of the day popping in at her place.Being a woman myself and reading this post it doesn’t surprise me and i am repulsed by her.
    Jayna keep it classy,it’s not attractive seeing a woman your age acting and carrying on the way you are.

  2. Atomic blondeMarch 27, 2018 at 8:33 PM

    This post is never ending. It still admonishes me the things they allow on here

  3. BlahblahMarch 27, 2018 at 12:22 AM

    I don’t think you should Be able to disclose certain information.
    Like place of employment
    Or a persons full name .
    Say what you need to about someone, but when it could potentially hurts someone’s livelihood on such a site, where rumours are never researched to be true.
    Someone posts someone because whatever issue they have with said person, and now this persons hate and jealousy caused this poor soul to lose their job!

    People should be seriously ashamed of themselves .

    This post sounds like a case of a broken heart and a hurt ego. Ugh

    • The loraxMay 8, 2018 at 5:37 PM

      When people screw up they get called out… that’s how it goes.