Jason Benoit – Calgary Ultimate Loser/User

Jason Benoit – Calgary Ultimate Loser/User

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jason Benoit is the ultimate loser!!! He is from Sackville NB however nobody would employ him there because he is a drunken liar so he left 3 kids behind and moved to Calgary. Since he has been in Calgary he has jumped from job to job because he has nothing to offer any employer. He did have a decent job (low paying but lots of hours) until he ripped off his employer and got fired. I was his girlfriend at the time (stupid me) so I said that I would carry him financially until he got a job. 2 years passed and I was still supporting him, which I didn’t have a problem with, until he started lying to me and stealing from me. Jason’s 2 oldest kids want nothing to do with him and his youngest daughter begs daily for his attention and acknowledgement and he completely ignore her and when he does speak to her he lies about everything. She has tried suicide 3 times to get his attention and he ignores her. If you are an employer, don’t hire him… if he’s trying to date you… run!!!! He is jobless, homeless now, impotent and doesn’t take care of his children


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  1. SWEDAugust 8, 2018 at 2:41 PM

    First of all… this guy looks like a douche bag big time… second… why the hell didn’t you run when he got fired for scamming his workplace instead of supporting him, your a dummy?
    When someone’s children doesn’t want anything to do with them take that as a BIG WARNING SIGN

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