Josh Walls – Calgary Cannabis Club: About time this sociopathic woman beater was posted

Josh Walls – Calgary Cannabis Club: About time this sociopathic woman beater was posted

THE DIRTY ARMY: So this is my ex, Josh walls. I started dating him at 15. We were together untill I was roughly 21. At 16 he convinced me to move out to Bragg creek with him or we wouldn’t be able to be together. Being 16 and thinking I was in love I literally packed and told my parents I was moving out as I walked out the door. 2 weeks after getting out there things started to get bad. He started drinking heavily and started to get abusive. First it was just verbally. But eventually it became physical and sexual. He would throw things at me. Hit me. Pour bags of garbage over my head and tell me I belonged with the trash and make me clean it up. I would wake up to him putting his fingers in places they didn’t belong… Sometimes I would say something. Sometimes I was so terrified I would lay there and pretend I was still asleep and just wait for it to be over. We broke up multiple times and I would always believe he would fix his problems and go back. Then the drugs made their way in. Sometimes he just wouldn’t come home at all and I would worry all night wondering if he was dead or not. His mother is paralyzed on one side of her body and she relied on him pretty heavily. He would steal money from her, when we were in the early phases of our relationship ship and he was still at his mom’s he would also abuse her physically. I watched him throw a glass at her head over absolutely nothing… He’s thrown me down the stairs. Knocked me out a few times. I was very depressed and my doctor put me on Prozac. I lied about having problems sleeping to get zopiclone prescribed so I would no longer wake up to him doing things to me… And just sleep through it because I’d honestly rather not know that was even happening to me. I started to drink alot while on these pills and it screwed me up pretty bad. So I stopped the pills and kept drinking just to forget about everything bad that was going on. Later down the road I began having issues being touched by him, or anyone for that matter. And I couldn’t handle being intimate with him. There were multiple times where I saw him literally change completely in a split second. Once I had to run into my kitchen and hide my knives because he just got this glazed over look and slowly walked towards me and said he was going to kill me. Multiple times I had to text my dad and tell him to come to my house to make sure I was still alive. We had a puppy at this point as I thought it would help me and he abused the dog as well. When we finally broke up, my cousin and her girlfriend and the time were living with us and it was my birthday and we had a couple beers, some party favours were involved and because it was my birthday everyone said I could have the last beer. Josh snapped over this… Literally. Went to go hit my cousin in the face and her girlfriend at the time and myself jumped on top of him and ended the attack. From there he proceeded physically smash the living room table and ran to lock himself in our room and started throwing shit around breaking EVERYTHING in that room and then the 3 of us heard loud thumping. My cousin called her dad and my dad while I called the police. He was smashing his head against the wall in our room and the wall he was smashing his head into was on the other side of our living room and his head started to smash thru to the living room. At this point we grabbed our dogs and ran outside to wait for eveyone to show up. They took him to the hospital for a psych assesment and somehow he was let out. He came back that night and tried kicking the door in but I had my dad and some other people as well as my cousin and her girlfriend at the time there and he didn’t get in and left. This is very long winded I know. But trust me this kid is not okay in the head. He has a birth mark on his eye and lies and says he was hit with a barbed wire bat. He lies about his father being dead when he is well and alive. Has another birth mark on his back in the side and says that is a scar from his father stabbing him. Once he let my dog ru. Out the door and he ran into memorial drive and was nearly hit. This dog was a rescue and was not an offleash dog. He would just run and Josh knew that and literally just let him run into traffic. I looked for him for 2 hours before getting a call from the animal emergency saying my dog was safe. I’m posting this because Josh is the “CEO” of the Calgary cannabis club. He says he started the club to try and help patients get their medicine but instead they just use it to make money. He tried to say I robbed the cannabis club a few years ago but I have proof that myself and my ex were working at the university of Calgary at the time of the supposed robbery. I actually had nothing to do with it. I will admit I was an addict on fent at the time but had nothing to do with it. I did plan on robbing them but some one beat me to it. Im no longer using anything at all. I don’t even smoke weed anymore. I know everyone will know who I am once they read this but I DO NOT care. THIS KID IS SICK IN THE HEAD. And my life was turned upside down by this “man”. I see a psychiatrist and he has heard all about my life and diagnosed me with ptsd, panic disorder and General anxiety mostly because of what I went through with Josh. And that sucks. It affects my life more than you think it would. I hope he gets better but I doubt it will happen. I’ll admit towards the end I was in a very bad state of mind and I began to abuse him back. But I think that’s a normal reaction after years of abuse. And after all that he had the audacity to show up to my dying grandmothers hospital room as if it was gonna bring us back together… Ladies stay the fuck away. This kid needs mental help bad. There is so much more I could write but I think this sums it up pretty well. Be careful…

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  1. ATJune 20, 2018 at 4:28 AM

    Horrible if these allegations hold any truth – which why would someone make up such specific incidents? Hopefully he gets help himself and eventually has it in him to issue apologies and closure to those he has harmed.

    • ReanneJune 22, 2018 at 8:40 PM

      Very true. I have proof

  2. AJune 17, 2018 at 11:43 PM

    Wow. I wondered when he would show up here. I dated him too. Let him use my car. He was very manipulative and borderline psycho. Abusive as well. Glad you spilled the tea. We’ve met. I know who you are. And I hope you are doing better girl.

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