Ken Waldhauser in Calgary – pedo rapist,

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ken Waldhauser – pedo rapist, My daughter told me that she had heard that our cheerful neighbor Ken Waldhauser had molested his daughter, I was terribly upset. I always felt he was a decent man and a dutiful father. He always seems so supportive of his daughter in her swimming and her volunteer work. He comes across as such a sincere person. Five months ago I learned about the police investigation. We have recently become friends with a detective, and once the McKenzie Lake Association came up in conversation. He immediately asked us if we knew Ken. When we told him yes he told us the story. About 12 years ago the police received reports accusing Ken of inappropriate touching. While nothing had been proved, our detective friend had felt that there was something serious going on. Katrina had missed a lot of school and had visited the doctor often. Her demeanor indicated trauma and fear. My friend said her doctor had been deeply suspicious. Unfortunately nothing could be proved, and Katrina apparently said nothing. I remember those days, and remember thinking that Ken seemed overly involved in his daughter’s life, but it never occurred to us that abuse could be involved. I also remember thinking that she seemed to be a very needy little girl – always trying to please her father. I wish I had not heard this story, but my police friend was very convincing. It is terrible when a parent abuses a child, and is also terrible if a parent is accused unjustly. But I cannot live with myself knowing this without sharing. I believe that it is true. Monsters like Ken should be shunned.

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