Lianne Cimermanis is Calgary’s Trophy Cougar

Lianne Cimermanis is Calgary’s Trophy Cougar

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, introducing Lianne Cimermanis (aka “Gypsy Lia” – “Gypsy” – or “Lia Wolfe”) has less class, intelligence or cleanliness then a barnyard Pig, Lianne ranks regularly as the bottom of the bucket when it comes to Calgarys sex industry and market of available paid dates. As a 50 year old her shameless vulgarity is witnessed day and night not only by her disapproving neighbors – but also by her aloof son who suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome – a gift that keeps on giving from his drunken and drooling dumb mother.

As a lovely after school delight which he shamefully tries to hide from his schoolmates, this poor kid is subjected day and night to mommy sleeping with random guys for a few bucks while she grunts like an overweight wild boar. Basically it boils down to the fact that her loose Caboose can’t clench her stench even when most inappropriate to let loose her brown juice. Do yourself a favor and avoid this cheap trick. She’s an ugly, theiving, lying, cheap old hack who’s so full of crap she can rarely contain herself.

I’m digging the surveillance video, it reminds me of Joran van der Sloot. Thank you Camera 9.- nik

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  1. LilMissPerfectJune 14, 2018 at 11:58 PM

    This ugly 51 y.o. hooker hag is living up to EVERY expectation everyone had of her. LMAO! Now sporting a withered and burnt out looking grayish leatherface which is a result of her gross lifestyle and career as a bottom- feeding street floozy – this new shade of SICK shes rockin’ is a refreshing change from her normally sickly looking greenish-yellow skin and eyes – ewww a result of her 35+ years with HEP C.
    This psychotic druggie has no concept of TRUTH OR REALITY. A master of only her own self deception – she cant admit her addictions to heroin, meth & crack have literally destroyed everything in her own life – but that of her now JUNKY son- “javin” too.

    Way to go you gross d1ck-gobbling goober! Make sure to gargle some sulphuric acid before kissing your kid good night to rid the chunky cum left in you half rotted out old mouth.

    Ps – A draino-douche might help clean out that blown out old beaver while you are at it!


    Pps – Remember this…Life on the other side – with sane, sober and loving people in a beautiful home is so much better then you will ever have or know. You are the last of the junkies…revel in all you’ve never achieved. Peace out!

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