Michelle Brooks – Dumpy Pig

Michelle Brooks – Dumpy Pig

THE DIRTY ARMY: michelle brooks thinks that by using her pig a55 she can fuk peoples men break up thier families and leave a path of destruction with no regard. This bad ho will take any womans man. She is a bad ho pig and no matter who or how nice she acts it is all just a sick game she plays with people. She has passed on an DRD to me through my man and now its time to put the wheels in motion and make this whole city aware of her. You may see her on pof or other sex sites where she meets any man and has sex with them instantly. She also has a fad for married family men and will fuk them ratt them out and move on like it all ok.The word is now out on this ho. Her man of some years dumped her sorry a55 after a long bout of her cheating lying pigness.Her motive and reason is just to ruin lives cause no one will stay with it. every one be fuking ware she is a bad piece of sh1t.



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  1. Michelle BrooksJuly 15, 2018 at 7:32 AM

    Lmao. Nice one. Better try harder redneck trash.
    Sipping my coffee and enjoying the entertainment you’re offering.