Paul Kazakoff — SLEEZE BAG

Paul Kazakoff — SLEEZE BAG

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy tried to proposition my wife when she went to him for help. He said she would not have to pay for his services as long as she would have sex with him.. She refused and told me everything.. This is a real life scum bag!! CAREFUL WOMEN dealing with this piece of trash ..

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  1. WraithAugust 1, 2018 at 12:14 PM

    Paul Kazakoff conspired with his client to effect the “sale” of my daughter. My daughter came to me, begging for help, and advising what the “step-father” had done to her, when she was six. Through my intervention, Kazakoff’s client died this week…a fitting tribute should decorate Kazakoff’s unmarked grave.